16 Reasons I Love my Dog

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I have a dog. His name is Motley Crue. He is part shepherd and probably lab. I don’t really know. I picked him up for free at Walmart when he was 8 weeks old. I’ve always loved animals, but never had 100% full responsibility of a dog. It was a spur the moment decision on my part to pick that puppy at that time, but let me tell you now, it was nothing short of a God moment. Some of you may not believe that God can use animals in our lives, but I do, and the personality of Motley only makes me believe more.

Motley and Liz

Motley came into my life at a time when I was broken and there wasn’t much left of me (cliche, but true). All I did was mope around and rage inside. I pitied myself. When I grabbed him up and held him in my arms, I knew I had to take him home away from the people who didn’t deserve to even own dogs.

Motley and I faced our trials in the beginning. I had to fight for him. I had to fight my dad (I had been living at home when I decided to bring home a puppy). There was a Parvo scare. When I moved to Kansas City, I had to find an apartment that allowed dogs. LARGE DOGS. Motley is currently 65 lbs at nine months old. It has been a tough road. I go to school and work full time. It has definitely been a balancing act, but Motley has given me something to care for besides myself.

So I have decided to write about why I love Motley, even through the really rough times, and how he is the perfect dog for me.

1. Motley has a calm personality. He never had that hyperactive nature that a lot of puppies and dogs have.

2. He is afraid of bath sponges, vacuums, and storm drains.

3. He is a little protective.

4. He is intimidating to people that are ignorant of dogs. (His large size alone is enough to intimidate.)

5. He is patient. Even when I sleep for 8 or 9 hours, he stays quiet and lets me sleep, although sometimes I hear him let out a deep sigh. It’s really sweet.

6. He sleeps next to my bed every night.

7. No matter where I am in the apartment, I have to be within his sight. Whether I am in the bathroom, closet, or kitchen, he will move to where I am.

8. Speaking of the bathroom, when I take a bath and my head goes under, he freaks out and looks over the side of the tub with an “overly concerned” expression.

9. He doesn’t bark a lot.

10. He loves me even when I get frustrated with him.

11. He was housebroken almost immediately after I got him.

12. He hops right into the car without a question.

13. He doesn’t need a ton of exercise.

14. He has never destroyed a pair of my shoes.

15. He’s easy to please.

16. He’s a very smart dog.

And thankfully, he doesn’t fight a bath.

Do you have a dog that you rescued and love more than anything? How has he/she impacted your life?

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