Top Blogging Resources for Beginners

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I am still new to the self-hosted blogging side of things, but I’ve been writing little stories since I was 5 and blogging on various platforms since I was 18. Writing has never been an issue for me, but when I started this “real” blog on a “real” domain host, I was shocked at how little I knew about blogging and design.

That’s when I went scouring the interwebs to find help from other bloggers like me who built their blogs from the ground up and had tips on making a site attractive.

Helpful blogging resources for beginners | Rose Colored Water #blogging #beginner #resources

My one tip: Stay away from HTML and CSS until you feel more comfortable in blogging. It’s hard enough to get into a solid groove without adding on unnecessary pressure.

General Design Tips

Design Your Own Favicon | Clementine Creative

5 Font Crimes | Clementine Creative

Customize Your Navigation Menu | Earl Grey

How to Create a Pin-it Button | J9 Designs

Online Photo Editing Sites | XOMISSE

4 Best Websites for WordPress Themes | XO Pixel

General Blogging Tips

Creating a Loyal Audience | Elle & Company

Blogger to Blogger Etiquette | Living in Color Print

SEO Basics for Bloggers | The Wonder Forest

Write an Explosive “About Me” Page | Build Your Own Blog

Protecting Your Content | XOMISSE

I know this list is small, but I wanted to make it well-rounded for beginners. You may not need help with everything, but hopefully, you can find what you’re looking for. Also, I follow all of these bloggers on Bloglovin’. They have many helpful blogging resources on their sites. I recommend spending some time in their archives!

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    1. Thanks Shea! I know most of these tips now, but it’s nice to be able to come back and refer when I need help!

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