6 Tips for Handling Long Winter Nights

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There’s nothing worse than long, cold winter nights. Winter is my least favorite time of year. Now that I live in Colorado, the nights are colder than ever. When November and December roll around, I struggle to keep my eyes open past 8pm. The darkness never seems to end! Since this is a predicament for me, I built a list of ideas to help combat the cold darkness. They’ll probably work best for you if you’re an introvert like me.

6 Tips for Surviving Long Winter Nights | Rose Colored Water #advice #winter #success

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

This is my motto. I’ve always been an early bird, but it benefits me most in the cold seasons when the nights are long and the sun rises early. If you like to live by the light, you’ll maximize your sun exposure by waking up earlier.

2. Turn on the Lights

All of them. When the sun goes down, your body thinks it’s time to sleep. If the lights are on, you can fool your body into thinking it’s still daytime, maximizing your ability to stay awake. I am really digging these low-lit, mood-inducing lights on Amazon. Very Hygge!

3. Stay Busy

This is important. If you come home tired and sit down, you’ll find it much harder to get motivated and tackle your to-do list. You have to keep moving. Try to run errands right after work so you don’t have to go out twice once you get home. Make dinner, tidy the house, and take care of all the important things. Once you’re done with your main tasks, let your body relax and unwind. If I don’t follow a routine like this, I start falling asleep the minute I get home from work.

4. Hold Dinner Parties with Friends

And by party, I mean watch movies and play board games. That’s my kind of party. However you do it, it will make the days seem longer.

5. Find a New Indoor Hobby

For me, it’s knitting and sewing. Every year, I take this time to fix my clothes, sew buttons back on, and knit scarves and what-nots for family, friends, and charities. There are lots of fun indoor hobbies to choose from: painting, puzzle-working, reading, cooking, baking, blogging, etc. The possibilities are endless!

6. Catch Up on Your Reading

The winter season is the best time to catch up on your reading lists. It’s not like you can do much when it’s dark outside anyways! Check out these reading lists for inspiration:

Though there’s no cure for missing long summer days, the winter nights don’t have to be unbearable. Try some of these tips and I’m sure you’ll be happy as a lark. What do you do t0 stay sane in the wintertime?

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    1. Knitting is such an awesome thing to do while watching tv. You can get so much done, rather than just sitting watching the tube.

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