The Process of Joining the Air Force

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First thoughts on Joining the Air Force

When I started thinking about enlisting in the Air Force, I had no idea what to do. I went to a tiny, private high school, so we never had recruiters come in and we never took the ASVAB. Then again, it never mattered to me because I had no interest in the military and what it had to offer.

After meeting my fiance and seeing the benefits and confidence being a part of the military gave him, it started to look more appealing. Of course, I have always considered myself a bright individual, and because I am a woman, the Air Force was the first and only branch that caught my eye.

After working in the “real-world” for two years and making very little headway career wise, I decided I was too impatient and poor to continue on that path. Now, I’m all for side hustling and being an entrepreneur, but I briefly tried that path and realized I wasn’t happy. Believe it or not, I like being told what to do and having direction. I’m comfortable with leading, but I like to have someone leading me as well.

My dad’s best friend made a career out of the Air Force and loved it. He has done very well for himself, and when I realized I could also make that happen for myself, everything seemed clear. Why wouldn’t I? So I called him up and we talked honestly about what enlisting would mean and how it would affect my life.

Now, I’ve found myself saying, “Why didn’t I do this 7 years ago?” I know I haven’t made it very far yet. I haven’t attended basic training or technical school. I’ve never put on the uniform. Maybe it will be the worst decision I’ve ever made, but I doubt it. I’ve made a lot of crappy decisions in my life, but I’m sure serving my country won’t be one of them.

Enlisting in the Air Force felt like the right thing to do. That’s why I did it. I wanted a different path that would fast-track my life. That’s how my dad’s best friend described it. He said the Air Force is a fast track to a better career and better money. Sounds legit to me – SIGN ME UP! Literally.

If you are interested in taking this path as well, go talk to your nearest Air Force Recruiter. They’re going to try to persuade you that the military is the best way to a great career. Don’t believe everything they say. They’re salesmen, of course. But do believe that the Air Force will give you amazing benefits and put you on a path to financial freedom. They take care of you. All you have to do is sign your life away.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to be covering the ins and outs of joining the Air Force, from the pre-qualifying to testing to processing in. Let’s do this together.

Any questions? Let me know! I want to answer them!

4 thoughts on “The Process of Joining the Air Force

  1. Hello!

    I read one of your comments on Aunie’s blog and saw that you’re joining the AF very soon! So far, I’ve completed the ASVAB and MEPS and am also awaiting job selection. I thought it’d be cool to connect with you in case we end up at basic together. I totally get what you mean by, “Why didn’t I do this 7 years ago?!” I ask myself that every once in awhile but I think I’m also more ready to appreciate all that I can learn from the AF now. :)

    1. Hey Jacqui! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’d love to connect! Sounds like we could be in for a long wait with jobs with all the cutbacks. I’ve definitely had my doubts throughout the process, but overall, I’m happy to move forward with my life, and like you said, I’m far more ready now than I was 7 years ago.

  2. I’m literally so happy I found your website. I’ve been debating on joining the Air Force for awhile now and think I’m going to start this whole fun process and hopefully I’m able to join after my first semester of college. But, I’ve been reading over your articles and it’s really been answering a lot of the questions I’ve had!

    1. Awesome! I’m so happy my posts have been helping you feel more informed! Feel free to ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer.

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