The Best Weekend Ever | Biloxi

The BEST WEEKEND EVER | Biloxi | Rose Colored Water

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Somehow, the best/worst week turned into the best weekend ever. Of course, that’s something to be said for all long weekends. At Keesler AFB, every other weekend is a down Friday, meaning no class and minimal duties. When this day falls in line with a holiday, students rejoice.

This four day weekend was exactly what I needed to shake off the remnants of last week and fly starry-eyed and recharged into the next one. I don’t know how it happened, but this weekend lifted my spirits and gave me the confidence to tackle whatever might come my way.

The BEST WEEKEND EVER | Biloxi | Rose Colored Water
I attribute my bright spirits to the joy that comes from simply living day after day. During the school week, we aren’t given that luxury. Everything involves routine – sleep, eat, PT, go to class, eat, out-process, sleep, repeat. That is the gist of technical training.

But this weekend was ours, and ours alone. I lived every day to its fullest. Some days may have seemed as though they were wasted, but with four days to myself, what’s one day? The weather was bright; the temperatures, warm. The salt of the ocean could be felt everywhere.

The Simple Joys of Football on the Beach | Rose Colored Water


The weekend began at noon. I decided I was feeling very female, so my friends and I headed to the BX. I believe the true beginning of the new age for me began when I decided it was time to dye my hair. Before basic training, I dyed my hair often, and it always rejuvenated me. Fresh color makes me feel vibrant. I also bought some new products, as time in the Air Force has not been kind to my thinning hair.

It was also high time to do something about my feet. Thankfully, the BX is an excellent place to get cheap polish.


I worked out. I showered. I napped. I blogged. I let the world fall away. I ate Ferrero Rochers. I went out for frozen custard. Speaking of which, Bop’s Frozen Custard is pretty dang good. If you’re ever down here in Biloxi/D’Iberville, try it out.

Then I took a friend out to up his current style. Thank you Kohl’s, for offering an array of male clothes for a bargain price.

Biloxi Beach | Beachside Blvd | Rose Colored Water


Maybe it was the absolutely gorgeous weather. Maybe it was because I worked out every day and felt like a million bucks. Or maybe it’s because my husband thinks he landed on a goldmine when he met me. Sunday was perfect because everything that I wanted to happen… happened.

I woke up early and worked out. I showered, shaved my legs, put on make-up and headed out for coffee and Sec+ studying with friends.

Advanced Encryption Standard | SEC+ | Rose Colored Water
Advanced Encryption Standard. Still blows my mind.

After studying, we decided it was too beautiful to stay inside a coffee shop. We headed to the beach for some much needed sun and sand therapy. It was perfection. I can’t describe it any other way. I had such a great time. The only thing that would have made it better was having Mike there with me. It was Valentine’s Day, after all.

We threw a football around. My friend saw his first jellyfish. We took off our shoes and let the white sands sift between our toes. In those moments, I was happy. Joy is found in the still, small moments. Anyone who says differently is fooling themselves. It’s watching your friends laugh with beach winds blowing through their hair. It’s seeing the awe in their eyes as they poke their first [dead] jellyfish on the beach. It’s feeling ocean sand tickle your feet for the first time in months.

Those are the moments where joy finds its way in.

We then proceeded to go eat at Fox’s Pizza Den, another great little place to eat in D’Iberville, right next to Bop’s! They have great deals, and everything we had was excellent. I had a stromboli that rivaled my favorite stromboli place back home, so that’s saying something.

Fox Den Pizza Stromboli, D'Iberville, Rose Colored Water
If you’ve never had a stromboli, now is the time. It may not look like much, but that’s the small version. They have 5 larger sizes up from this one.

The day just kept getting better.

Then, I headed back to Kohl’s and scored some amazing running pants for $8.


FILA running gear, Kohl's, Rose Colored Water
I spent my morning running on the beach – testing out my new wild running pants. Life goes back to normal tomorrow – back to work, back to out-processing, back to Security+ studying. You probably won’t see me around here much the next three weeks. Just know, I’m living life to the fullest and working towards a greater goal.

It’s only a matter of time.

Did you find joy this weekend?

5 thoughts on “The Best Weekend Ever | Biloxi

  1. My weekend has been spent with a sick Tim. He has an abscess in a tooth and has been pretty miserable. :/ He’s in so much discomfort that he’s been reduced to a liquid diet (broth, applesauce, pudding) because he can barely open his mouth. He did pick up some antibiotics on Saturday, but they’re only slowly taking affect.

    However, yesterday I drove through the snow for the first time (!!) to go to church and attend a Valentine’s Day banquet with my family. I ate a fantastic lunch, brought home some delicious desserts, and got lots of hugs from my brother. Then in the evening for our “Valentine’s date” Tim and I snuggled up in bed and watched Hot Fuzz. So all-in-all things have been good. Just hope he gets to feeling better soon.

    1. Sounds eventful! I’m so proud of you though! You are accomplishing so much – marking those goals right off your list. I really wish you’d start blogging again. :(

  2. I love how you write and how you format your blog.
    You definitely have a gift when it comes to writing.

    My weekend was spent with family – drinking margaritas, exploring downtown, preparing for a new week of work. In my mind, it was blissful – I felt lucky to be able to live so worry-free and make spontaneous decisions about how I spend my time.

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