Five Things that Happen at your Wedding

5 Things that Happen on Your Wedding Day

If your wedding goes as planned, it’s going to be one of the most magical days of your entire life. My wedding was near perfect, and there’s very little I would have changed, but I did learn a lot about life and relationships as the day progressed.

Chances are your own wedding will be a learning experience too. Believe it or not, your special day is going to be an eye-opener.

It’s time for some truth-bombs. Read on to see what I mean.

1. Your relationship moves to a deeper level.

I don’t know why everyone says that your life ends when you get married. For Mike and me, nothing has changed in our life except our connection. Getting married pushed our relationship to a level we had never experienced before. There’s an added sense of security. It’s hard to describe because I felt secure in our relationship before, but now it feels like we are bound for life and nothing will tear us apart.

God’s intentions have never been for divorce. Maybe this is why marriage is called holy matrimony. God knew the power of marriage because he created it. On your wedding day, be prepared. If you sincerely love one another, you will feel a change the moment you become man and wife.

2. You find out who your friends are.

This is the sad part about weddings. It shows you who actually cares and who is just there for free alcohol. You may be surprised by the number of people who RSVP and do not show-up. No phone call, card, or text. They just don’t come. It’s sad, but you have to get over it.

People are jerks. They’re flaky. You’ll learn fast that as you age, true friends are hard to come by. They must be cherished and chosen wisely.

3. You find out which family members actually care.

This is a really difficult truth. Some of your family members care only about themselves and being seen. Some won’t give you anything except their presence. Some of your family will cause problems because that’s just how they are. Some will get jealous because in the end, every wedding is a competition – especially with women. Don’t let your family’s behavior ruin your day. It’s about you. You do what you want to do and have a good time!

4. You realize how much you could have saved.

If you paid for your own wedding, you will inevitably see areas where you could have saved. The reception is the worst. When you realize how many people didn’t show and how many plates of food you could have left out, as well as having a smaller cake, less flowers, etc, you’ll want to cry. The savings will be all around you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Be prepared and let it go now. Mike and I probably could have saved $1000, but how did we know that 20 of our key guests weren’t going to show?

We didn’t, and you won’t know either. My tip for you: Cut at least 10 people off your final list, even if they RSVP’d. Chances are, at least 10 won’t show. Cut even more if you’re having a wedding with more than 100 guests.

5. You’ll want the day to end sooner than you thought.

Your wedding day is going to be fabulous, and when it begins, you may never want it to end. By mid-reception, you will be so tired of people wanting your attention. You’ll be sick of kids running around nearly ripping your dress off. Whatever is happening, you’ll probably be tired of it. Your feet will hurt, you’ll be sweaty and feel gross, and if you drink too much… well, that just makes matters worse. Don’t be surprised if you want to go to your honeymoon suite and take a bubble bath, then hit the hay.

Like I said, just prepare yourself for these things and then it won’t seem so bad. You can definitely avoid some of these things if you plan, but most of it will simply be a “go with the flow and cry later” situation. Good luck and have a great day!

Any other things you should be prepared for on your wedding day?

Why We Chose Cupcakes Over Wedding Cake

Why we chose cupcakes over wedding cake

Why we chose cupcakes over wedding cake

You wouldn’t think cake would cause such an uproar at a wedding, but by golly, it is a big deal. Be warned now! If you choose cupcakes over a traditional tiered wedding cake, you will be questioned–possibly even scolded for your choice.

For some reason, having cupcakes at a wedding is sacrilegious. Now that it’s all said and done, I feel the need to list my reasons for choosing this unconventional cake choice for my wedding and defend it against the masses. Plus, it ended up working out perfectly, and my venue boxed up leftover cupcakes to give to guests as they went home.

I think cupcakes are a new, hip, younger generation idea. The only guests who seemed upset by the idea were older people. Yet as I’ve said time and time again, it’s not their wedding and they aren’t paying for it, so I did what I wanted.

Cupcakes are cheaper.

This is the number one reason we chose cupcakes over a traditional wedding cake. I learned that wedding cakes are charged by the slice, and each slice is around $2.50. Cupcakes, however, are charged by how many you have, and only cost about $1 a piece. Can you see the massive price difference there? We saved hundreds of dollars just by choosing a different style of cake.

Wedding Cupcakes are Cheaper | Rose Colored Water

Cupcakes offer more variety.

I love ALL THE CAKES, so why would I want one ginormous boring wedding cake flavor? Why not have 7 flavors full of yumminess. Your guests get to choose their favorites and you get to try them all. We had carrot cake, white, chocolate, strawberry with cream cheese filling, lemon, and red velvet cupcakes, and we could have had more than that! That’s what I call a true celebration!

Cupcakes don’t require a cake-cutting fee.

Another way cupcakes save money is they omit the cost of a cake-cutter. Even though cake-cutting was included in the price of our all-inclusive venue, some reception halls charge for cake-cutting services. There’s none of that bull crap involved with cupcakes. Guests grab a cupcake and go. No time, effort, or clean-up needed.

Cupcakes are easier clean-up.

There were a lot of kids at our wedding. Thank the Lord for cupcakes. Kids are much better about cupcakes than typical slices of cake. It was much easier to clean-up around the kiddos throughout the wedding.

If you’re considering cupcakes, just do it. You’ll save money and people will end up loving them, despite their desire for tradition. They’re fun, cheap, and just as yummy as plain ole’ wedding cake!

Wedding Traditions We Broke

Wedding Traditions We Broke

Wedding Traditions We Broke

I’ve never considered myself a conventional person, and though I didn’t try to break tradition with my wedding, it just kind of happened.

I found out that I failed a lot in holding true to traditional weddings, but it didn’t seem to be a big deal to most. If you’re thinking about doing things different at your wedding, I say go for it. In the end, the only thing that matters is what you want.

Here are some ways we broke common wedding traditions.

No garter toss.

I could care less about garter tosses, but that’s not why we didn’t do it. It was a matter of dress design. There was no way Mike was going to be able to lift my dress and pull a leg garter off without being awkward and ridiculous. We opted out. Plus, we didn’t want to spend additional money on a garter.

No bouquet toss.

Since we weren’t doing a garter toss, we decided to scrap the bouquet toss as well. However, our DJ said that a lot of people do “Anniversary dances” now in lieu of a toss because it’s still something fun for guests.

An anniversary dance is where all the married couples hit the dance floor during a slow song and the DJ goes up the number of years people could be married. The couple who has been married the longest is given the bride’s bouquet. I thought that sounded awesome, and it was! Everyone loved it!

No old, blue, new, etc.

I just didn’t have the time or patience for it, and since my family really isn’t into weddings, no one put themselves out there to help me attain these things. I’m not upset about it.

Write your own vows to break wedding traditions.

We wrote our own vows.

Mike and I both have a knack for writing, so we knew without question we would write our own vows. We wanted to make personal promises to each other, ones that reflected who we are and what we wanted our marriage to become. Our guests loved them.

We had cupcakes.

To save on money, we chose cupcakes over a traditional wedding cake. Plus, I wanted my reception to be different than others. Cupcakes are fast becoming the norm based on their cost effectiveness, but they’re far from a tradition yet.

No groom’s cake.

This is another item that came down to expense. We didn’t want a bunch of cake leftover, and we didn’t have the money to splurge on an extra “fun” cake. Plus, Mike really didn’t care about it. Some people commented on the lack of this item, but once we explained we didn’t want a bunch of wasted cake, they agreed with our decision.

First glances are quickly becoming the norm for weddings.

We had a first glance.

We chose to do a first glance for several reasons. Based on our time frames, it worked better for our day. Plus, Mike and I are emotional beings. We wanted to have those first moments of our day together to take each other in. I wanted him to be the first person to see me in my dress and feel comfortable enough to let his emotions go, rather than up on stage in front of everyone. (Even though we both cried big time during our ceremony.)

We wore our rings before we got married.

Is this weird? We don’t know. We don’t care. Mike wanted to wear his ring right when we purchased it, so he did. Once my wedding bands were soldered , I couldn’t bear the thought of not wearing it. Nobody questioned us, but some people did laugh at us. We didn’t even care.

No receiving line.

I’m an introvert. I wasn’t about to hug everyone at my wedding. Plus, we had a smaller wedding and I met most of my guests the night before. Receiving lines are on their way out. It just didn’t make sense for us to do one, and I would have hated it.

I think those are the only things we did differently. Is there anything you want to do differently when your wedding comes along? Let’s compare!

I’m Getting Married Today!

Marriage + Things You Missed
Photo by Colby Moore Photography

Hey all you Rose Colored Waterians!

I’m getting hitched today. Gonna be locked in for a long time – a ball and chain, if you will. Honestly though, I’m ecstatic. I’m finally marrying my best friend. We’re both excited about this day, and here’s to hoping nothing goes HORRIBLY wrong.

In the meantime (since weddings are boring and I’m sure you want nothing to do with all that), here’s a May recap of what you might have missed!

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Alrighty then! I’ll see you in a few days! I’m sure I’ll have one or two stories to tell! Have a great start to June!

25 Thoughts I’m Having About My Wedding

25 Thoughts I'm Having about my Wedding

25 Thoughts I'm Having about my Wedding

So it’s finally here. My wedding is just a few weeks away and my head is rampant with thoughts. I’m starting to feel more excited, but also really over it. Is this how all brides feel? I don’t know. I don’t care.

Today’s post is my outlet. Here are 25 thoughts racing through my mind.

1. Why didn’t we just elope?
2. I hope there are less people than we expect.
3. What if no one comes?
4. Should I have gotten a bustle for this dress?
5. What if someone steps on it?
6. How the hell am I going to pee?
7. I wish Motley could have been the ring bearer.
8. Maybe we shouldn’t have a dance…
9. I can’t drink alcohol… because then I’ll have to pee, and that’s impossible.
10. If we cancel the dance, I’ll lose all that money and Mike and I won’t get to dance to our song.
11. Will everyone have enough food? Maybe appetizers WERE the wrong choice.
12. We should’ve just went to the courthouse.
13. We have no money.
14. What if no one shows up?
15. This is SUCH a waste of money.
16. At least my braces are off.
17. Liz Patten sounds so legit. Better than my current name.
18. I should have said “No Children.”
19. Maybe I should drink to loosen myself up.
20. Can someone hook me up with a catheter?
21. What if I mess up my vow reading?
22. I hope my family doesn’t embarrass me.
23. We should’ve just flew to Barbados.
24. I hate weddings!
25. At least we ordered lots of cupcakes.

As you can tell… I’m not excited about the wedding, per say. I love Mike and have no second guesses about spending the rest of my life with him, but the whole wedding ordeal feels like another bridge to be crossed.

I’m sure the actual day will be amazing. Thanks for listening all! Did or does anyone else feel this way?

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