Summer 2017 Blogging Goals

5 Blogging Goals for Summer | Rose Colored Water #blogging #goals

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In July, Rose Colored Water will be three years old. It’s hard to believe, as this is the longest running blog I have ever had – not to mention, the most consistent. Rose Colored Water is the only blog I have written that has brought in real readers. It’s a blog that helps people and provides honest information, especially for those enlisting in the military or trying to get out of debt.

A lot of sweat and love has went into this space. I have wanted to quit a couple of times, but am glad I persisted and kept on writing. Now it’s time to push further out of my comfort zone. It’s time to take this blog to the next level.

There’s a lot going on in my life right now, but I have wanted to grow and monetize my blog for several months. Last week, I took the first step towards making that happen. This summer, I plan on making some big changes to Rose Colored Water. The content will stay the same, but I hope to increase the amount of helpful posts you find here.

5 Blogging Goals for Summer | Rose Colored Water #blogging #goals

Below are five goals I set to make Rose Colored Water better and more informative. I plan to document how these changes affect my traffic and income, and hopefully these changes will make you love this blog more than before.

1. Create fresh new images for old posts.

This is something I started working on a few weeks ago, but am far from finished. I am weeding through my archives, deleting irrelevant posts and rewriting the ones worth keeping. Over the coming months, each post will have a more powerful image attached to it.

2. Monetize the blog through affiliate marketing.

This is the thing I was talking about above. I have wanted to try affiliate marketing for months now, but with school and work, it has been difficult to find time. I purchased the Making Sense of Cents affiliate marketing course last week and am slowly working my way through it. Michelle makes around $50,000 a month with her blog and has helped countless other bloggers increase their income through affiliate marketing.

I felt the course was worth purchasing because I have seen tons of awesome reviews. Over time, you will begin to see affiliate links in my content. However, as any good blogger should know, these links will be dedicated for products I believe in and know will help readers – not hinder them.

My goal is to make $500/month by the end of 2017 through affiliate marketing.

3. Increase traffic to 15k pageviews/month.

In 2015, I saw a significant increase in my monthly traffic. I know this increase came from my posts about joining the Air Force and by ramping up my Pinterest strategy. For the past year, I have been reaching about 9,000 pageviews per month. By December 2017, I hope to increase that to around 15,000 per month.

4. Create relevant, helpful content on a weekly schedule.

I started publishing two posts a week, Monday & Thursday, in April. I have done well in sticking to that schedule, though I have missed some weeks when work was crazy and class finals were looming. Throughout the summer, I plan to continue that schedule, writing evergreen posts and income/debt updates with my experiment in affiliate marketing.

5. Revamp the top 20 most popular posts.

My blog statistics show there are around 10-20 posts on Rose Colored Water bringing consistent traffic in. Those posts revolve around living in Colorado and joining the Air Force. This summer, I am going to revamp and rewrite my top 20 so they are more relevant and informational for my readers.

These summer blogging goals are meant to keep me focused and help better the blog so many people turn to for honest insights into big life changes they may be making. I believe these changes will make Rose Colored Water a better blog for you and me. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Blogging Goals

  1. I love all of your blogging goals! They’re pretty similar to mine, in fact. I’ve heard good things about Michelle’s course– it’s on my list of courses to take in the future!

    1. Thank you! I just saw that a girl started a blog 3 weeks ago and has already made $200! She only has like… 5 posts up! All of this is because of Michelle’s course. Part of me thinks I will never be able to do it… but then I see all these people! Here’s to hoping! I’m going to do a review when I’m finished (in about a month). I’ll let you know how it goes!

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