Should You Have Your “Own” Side of the Bed?

Do Bedsides Matter when Sleeping with Your Partner? Let's find out! | Rose Colored Water

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I never thought much about bedsides until Mike and I moved in together. I had always been the type of person that moved from side to side, never preferring one over the other. Even after we started sleeping in the same bed, I never thought our respective sides mattered. Then one night, somehow Mike ended up on my side and I on his.

Do Bedsides Matter when Sleeping with Your Partner? Let's find out! | Rose Colored Water


Everything was wrong. I couldn’t get comfortable. My phone was out of reach, so I missed my alarm (thankfully my biological clock is set to wake up by 6). I woke up multiple times. Ughhh. It was terrible!

This brings me to my theory: Sides of the bed matter.

1. Routine

There’s something to be said for routine. Our bodies work well on a schedule. When you shake up that routine, the body has to readjust. When you wake up on the literal wrong side of the bed, your body feels alienated. There’s anxiousness in change, and more than likely, you’ll be affected by it. Think of how it feels when sleeping in a hotel. Some people sleep alright, but everyone I have spoken to hates sleeping in a different place. Your body can’t adjust quickly enough to this feeling, and your sleep suffers.

2. Familiarity

The familiarity of my side of the bed, from where my phone lays to where the lamp switch is, gives me peace before I go to sleep. Sometimes, when I rearrange my bedroom furniture, I find that it’s harder to sleep for a few nights because everything feels a little too different. Again, think of sleeping in a hotel. That is what sleeping on the wrong side of bed feels like.

3. Body Position

Mike and I tend to sleep facing away from each other. We rarely sleep facing the same direction, and never sleep facing one another. When we switched sides, everything was off. Our knees were hitting each other, we couldn’t get comfortable, and snuggling close was NOT an option because we couldn’t get relaxed facing certain directions.

Needless to say, we won’t be doing that again. I’ll stay on my side from here on out!

What about you? Do sides matter? If you’re not sure, try switching it up one night. Or, do you even have your own side of the bed? I’m curious!

5 thoughts on “Should You Have Your “Own” Side of the Bed?

  1. I’ve stayed the night with a few different people, and though I have never insisted on having a certain side, now that I think about it I often end up on the left! So I guess I’ll have to try sleeping on the right side sometime to see if it matters or not.

    1. Absolutely! And I don’t know if it matters if you randomly sleep various places. It might just be when you have a routine and that routine changes. Not sure. Let me know how it goes! We could create an experimental study out of this!

  2. Side of the bed totally matter! Every time my boyfriend and I try different sides… we end up switching back before morning. Thanks for posting. I would never have thought of something like this before.


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