Roswell | Roadtripping through New Mexico

Road Trip through New Mexico | Roswell | Rose Colored Water #aliens #travel #roadtrip

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At the beginning of June, I roadtripped through New Mexico, stopping at various tourist sites and local food joints. I learned many things, but the most important was that everything I thought I knew about New Mexico was wrong. New Mexico truly is the land of enchantment.

New Mexico is one of the most beautiful states I have traveled through, and everything I saw was with new eyes. I had driven through New Mexico before, but never to sight see or explore small, local areas. The more we drove through the desert, the deeper I fell in love with its beautiful landscape and mysterious ways.

The desert pulls at you in a way I cannot describe. I want to share everything from my trip with you – to pass on some of the magic felt traversing across that wide open space…

…and the magic begins at Roswell.

Road Trip through New Mexico | Roswell | Rose Colored Water #aliens #travel #roadtrip

Roswell is one of the most well-known towns in New Mexico. 

You cannot drive through New Mexico without stopping in Roswell. If you have no idea what I am talking about… let me give you a brief history.

In July, 1947, the small town of Roswell would be changed forever when a UFO crashed into a nearby field, leaving behind dead bodies and a crumpled flying saucer. For those who believe, Roswell may be one of the most fascinating places on this planet.

Roswell testimonies | Rose Colored Water #newmexico #ufo #aliens

Touring the International UFO Museum & Research Center

If you drive through Roswell, it is worth stopping at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. It has a cheap entry fee, and military members receive a discount. It cost $6 for Mike and I to take the tour. You can roam through the museum at your leisure.

We took time to read all of the first hand accounts from Roswell citizens, as well as from the Army and Air Force. I must admit, after reading the accounts and looking at photos, I am a believer. Every testimony was compelling.

You will find some cheesy memorabilia in the museum, but everything about the Roswell incident is fascinating! That is what the museum specializes in.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind | Roswell Museum | Rose Colored Water #aliens #ufo #newmexico

Other Things to See

There is not much else in Roswell. It is a large town, but it has built its name on the UFO incident. You can walk through the streets and buy alien memorabilia. We spent around two hours here and then headed on down the road.

You can stop for a quick lunch at a Whataburger (if you don’t have those) or a Wienerschnitzel. Supposedly, Wienerschnitzel’s are few and far between, so if you love fast German food, you need to stop here. Mike bought some kind of sauerkraut thing. I have no idea, but he said it was delicious!

Roswell is definitely worth a look if you are interested in learning about conspiracy theories and the secrets of America. Take a moment to walk through the museum and learn some history.

Have you ever been to Roswell? What did you see? Do you believe in aliens?


8 thoughts on “Roswell | Roadtripping through New Mexico

    1. I am not a fan of Whataburger, but I see it’s appeal. Roswell is definitely worth passing through, but I wouldn’t make a trip just to see it alone.

  1. will be adding New Mexico to my list thanks for the good read it looks like such a great place to visit I briefly drove by but didn’t get a chance to explore it but will definitely next time!

    1. Yes! It really is worth visiting at least once. There were other places I wanted to go as well, but we didn’t have time. Check back in the next couple of weeks for the other places we visited in New Mexico. And thank you for taking the time to comment!

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