9 Resolutions that Might Actually Make You a Better Person

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Making resolutions is my favorite part of starting a new year. Last year, I created goals and followed up with them quarterly to see how I was progressing. It held many changes for me. I wouldn’t say 2017 was a bad year. It will always hold some beautiful memories. However, it was also full of financial setbacks, tough decisions, and long days and nights.

I can say with confidence that 2017 was a year of…

Everything I did was deliberate and impactful. That being said, I want 2018 to be everything 2017 was not. I beg you. Do not waste 2018. The world is changing, and we never know what will happen. It is hard to change who we are, but I believe we can make small, daily changes that will influence our lives every day. In 2018, create resolutions that will shift your perspective and transform your life.

January is over, and you may have already failed your resolutions. Who cares! Make new ones. Fresh month – fresh start.

9 Resolutions that Make You Better Person | Rose Colored Water

Talk less. Listen more.

Do you ever leave a conversation wishing you had said less? This happens to me every day. I talk a lot, and sometimes the things I say are useless to the people around me. It has taken a long time for me to realize and accept this. Make 2018 your year of speaking less and listening more. Listen with sincerity. 

Stop worrying.

Easier said than done. I am a constant worrier. Rampant thoughts about should haves and what ifs keep me up at night. Many of us are worry-warts. The problem is that constant worrying is hard on your health. The physical strain worrying puts on your body is worse than whatever you are worrying about. Worrying can cause:

  • exhaustion
  • stomach problems
  • poor memory
  • weight gain
  • low libido

It’s time to take control of your thoughts and stop living in fear. Whatever happens will happen and YOU CAN & WILL HANDLE IT. (See what happened to me in January. If I can do it… so can you.)

Expand your musical horizons.

There is a lot of bad music in the world, but it isn’t good to condemn people based on their musical choices. Maybe you’re not into smooth jazz or rap, but give it a listen every once in a while to see where people are coming from. You might find a song you enjoy – and there’s nothing better than finding a new favorite song that makes you happy.


A resolution many of us should recommit to every year – unplugging from technology can bring full-fold benefits. If you find yourself multi-screening (texting, surfing the internet, reading e-books – all while watching tv – or any combination of those things), STOP. You are not doing yourself any favors.

Read often and out of your comfort zone.

I have spent most of my years reading young adult and fantasy novels. I realized a few years ago that this was a mistake. It is not a mistake to read what you love. Life is too short for trash books you hate. But sometimes, you have to push yourself and broaden your scope. My 2018 reading list does exactly that. If you’re not a reader, try audiobooks. They are quite wonderful and allow you do some mundane things, like household chores, while listening. Also, check out this 12-month reading guide to get you started.

Have a monthly dinner party.

There is something idyllic about a dinner party. Gather your friends and pick one day out of every month to host a dinner party at someone’s house. Choose the meal and make everyone bring a side. Take time to slow down and enjoy your friends without the hassle of spending a bunch of money and fighting the busy weekend crowds that often accompany a night out.

Too often, we feel that we need to be spending money under the bright lights to have a good time. The truth is the best times can actually be found in the comfort of our own homes with work colleagues, family, and friends.

Cut out uncomfortable & unhappy relationships.

I separated from my husband in June 2017. The divorce didn’t finalize until the last day of November. I was unhappy in my marriage. Even though I love my ex-husband and believe I always will, we were not right for each other. We were holding each other back.

It can be terrifying to cut yourself off from negative people if they have been in your life for several years. But what is it doing for you? How do you actually feel about yourself when talking or spending time with someone who makes you feel miserable? Life is too big and bold to live with constant negativity. Make this year the time you cut out unhealthy and unhappy things in your life. You’ve got goals to reach, and those people – or things – are only holding you back.

Start a blog.

Starting Rose Colored Water – a real blog on a real domain – changed my life. If you enjoy journaling or writing, or you need accountability in your life – starting a blog may be a great choice. There are hundreds of stories across the internet about people who created blogs as outlets, only to later turn it into a new career or find their way to debt freedom.

Now is the time to take action. Make yourself accountable for the goals and dreams you’ve made for yourself. If you don’t know where to start – try my simple, five-step guide to starting a blogClicking on any of the links to Bluehost will earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you!

Quit something you hate.

How many times have you wanted to quit something and never did for fear of being called a quitter? Or weak? Or lazy? It’s time to stop caring what other people think about you for the sake of your own well-being. If you hate volunteering at the homeless shelter – quit. Find an organization you enjoy and put your time into that. If you hate your job, but live in fear of the unknown – make a plan to get out. 

Just like negative relationships with people – continuing down a path you hate is doing nothing for you.

What resolutions have you made that have completely changed your life? Do you have any recommendations to add to the list?

9 Resolutions that could change your life | Rose Colored Water

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