Refocus. Refresh. Restart.

With summer coming fast, it's time to refresh my mind and renew my goals and resolutions so I can continue killing 2017! | Rose Colored Water

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May has been the toughest month thus far, which is ironic, because it is my birthday and anniversary month – as well as the gateway to summer. Work has been hectic. Time off has been hectic. Many things have been on my mind. The rest of 2017 is going to be high-stress and fast-paced.

Since late April, I have felt my focus slipping. I spent the first three months of 2017 laser-focused on my goals. I made time management a priority and accomplished a lot. However, like many resolutions, the daily grind wore me down and I found myself sleeping more and working less.

With summer coming fast, it's time to refresh my mind and renew my goals and resolutions so I can continue killing 2017! | Rose Colored Water

May is coming to a close and the dog days of summer are here. This is the perfect time to refocus and refresh my mind. The last month and a half has put me in a slothful state, and I need to break free. I have been spending more time outside, thanks to the beautiful weather, but that also means I’ve been away from my computer. My laptop is where everything happens, so I have to find balance between hanging outdoors and working.

Here is what summer looks like for me:

  • Traveling to Carlsbad Caverns, NM for our 2-year anniversary
  • Taking a summer course (Human Growth & Development)
  • Possibly going home for the 4th of July
  • Mike’s family visiting in late July
  • Monetizing my blog (more on this later)
  • Beginning my last pre-requisite course in August (Microbiology w/Lab)
  • Applying to nursing school

As you can tell, there is a lot on my plate. Some of that time may seem like vacation and easy, but even socializing with family is a balancing act when you have other commitments. I am making a goal to live every day with energy and pursue each task with zeal. I continue to remind Mike and myself how lucky and blessed we are to have these opportunities.

This is why I’m renewing my mind for the upcoming challenges. Everything must be handled with grace, patience, and resiliency.

What does your summer look like? Are you stressed? Is it time to reprioritize your goals?

2 thoughts on “Refocus. Refresh. Restart.

  1. Our summer is going to be a whirlwind between knocking the last few things off our Kentucky bucket list, TWO weddings to attend just two weeks apart (with our wedding anniversary in between!), my 25th birthday, moving the day after my birthday, and settling into our new home! I’m so anxious for all of it!!!

    1. You have so much going on! That seems to be every summer these days… Oh how I miss school breaks! I’m sure you’ll handle it all graciously and everything will work out fine. :)

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