Quarterly Review #1 | 2017 Resolutions

Quarterly Review #1 | Rose Colored Water

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It’s hard to believe that we’re a quarter of the way through 2017. So much has happened in these three short months – I don’t know how I made any progress on my goals for the year. I’ve been fortunate. My path has stayed straight and true; I’ve kept my mind sharp on the resolutions and made choices that assist me in success. I’m proud of how far I’ve come. My husband, as always, has stood beside me and helped me keep pace with the things I want to do. He’s a great encourager and supporter. I could not have done these things without him.

Quarterly Review #1 | Rose Colored Water

Here is a quick review of the resolutions I set for myself, and where I’m at as of today.

1. Pay off the cars.

This has not happened yet, but we have made much progress. At the beginning of January, we owed around $17,800 on our GMC Terrain and about $11,200 on the Chevy Silverado. I mentioned in my resolutions that I wanted to try paying off the vehicles in 2017, but more specifically, get the loans down to what the vehicles are actually worth (a.k.a. Kelley Blue Book value). We don’t want to be underwater on these cars.

I’m happy to announce that we now owe around $16,900 on the Terrain and $8,500 on the truck. The truck is worth around that amount, so we’ve reached our goal of getting one of our vehicles down to its KBB value.

I have no doubts that we can pay the truck off by the end of the year. To help us along, we used a balance transfer offer through our Capital One Quicksilver card. Thanks to our SCRA benefits, the interest rate on our Quicksilver card is set at 4% until I quit Active-Duty. The offer allowed us to transfer our 9.7% USAA interest rate to the 4% interest rate at Capital One. There was no transfer fee, and there is no offer period. The truck will be at a 4% interest rate until we pay it off. This has been the biggest blessing for us because we were paying about $100/month in interest. I am so grateful for good credit and this balance transfer.

I’m not going to discuss the pros and cons of transferring a car loan to a credit card. Everyone has an opinion. It is working for us, and that is all that matters.

2. Buy a house.

Well, we all know this fell through in the ugliest way. It was over and done with before February ended. After being burned by the Colorado housing market, we threw up our hands with the whole thing and decided to rent until we are stationed somewhere else.

Fortunately, we found another apartment soon after that fits our needs and finances better than the house would have. Sometimes, we have to learn the hard way, and this was a tough one for me. Still, it’s over and done so we can move on with our lives.

3. Finish my CCAF.

I am so close on this. I took the Principles of Supervision DSST (like a CLEP) and passed, so I am only one management class/DSST away from completing my CCAF. My goal is to finish this in April so I can have my CCAF before the BTZ board. More on that in the next review.

4. Earn A’s in my nursing pre-reqs.

So far, so good. I am somehow keeping an “A” average in Statistics – do not ask me how. Anatomy/Physiology II just began, so I’m not sure how I’m doing in that. It’s a different format than last semester, so I’m concerned about the lab portion. By my next review, you’ll know if I got the “A”.

5. Complete my 2017 reading list.

This is going well. I have read 12 books so far. That is a lot for me. Thanks again audiobooks. I think if I continue to manage my time appropriately, I will finish the leftovers of my 2016 list and the complete reading list for 2017.

6. Be smarter with my time.

This has been a success thus far, as I’ve read more than many books while maintaining good grades and accomplished a lot around the new apartment. I’ve even had a bit of time for socializing.

7. Take one big vacation with Mike.

Our goal is to go to Puerto Rico in September. We are looking at flight/hotel deals for around $1500-1700. Then we would keep our food/alcohol budget low to make this trip a grand total of $2000. We feel that’s pretty good, considering it would be for about a week. We are so looking forward to it.

8. Purge more junk.

I have been ruthless in this department. Even though I threw a lot of stuff away when we moved from Missouri to Colorado, I threw even more away in our most recent apartment move. Nothing is safe from me -dishes, clothes, furniture, books. It is all going. Plus, there’s something to be said for 6 boxes of unpacked stuff still hanging around the corners of the apartment… If I’m living without that stuff now, why not forever?

9. Get a 90 on my PT test.

This happens in October. No updates until then.

10. Spend more time outdoors.

Colorado is playing a cruel joke on us this year and causing everyone to believe that spring is truly here. We haven’t had a big snow yet this winter, and it’s been reaching 80°F nearly every day. This has allowed for more exploring. We ventured out to Eldorado Canyon State Park, as well as the dog park here in Westminster.

It makes me ask myself… Is winter over? Will there be any more blizzards? I don’t know. I arrived around this time last year and we had three blizzards before we summer arrived. Overall, I’m not unhappy that the cold weather is gone, but I do worry about drought conditions. Anywho – it’s helping me to spend loads of time outside, so I’m not complaining.

The resolutions are going well so far. I can’t wait to update everyone in three months. How are your goals and resolutions going this year? I’d love to hear about your successes and failures.

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    1. The cars are going well. They are the largest expenses we have, but a necessary evil for our location. We chose Puerto Rico because we wanted to visit a country with sparkling beaches that does not require a passport. For some reason, we can’t find time to get our passports. Puerto Rico would be our first adventure leaving the country together, while still being in… our own country. You know, a dipping of the toe into the water of overseas travel.

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