Quarterly Review #3 | 2017 Resolutions

Quarterly Review #3 | Rose Colored Water

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This is such an odd post to write because many of my resolutions for the year have changed since separating from my husband. It’s kind of like an awkward dinner party. “How was your anniversary trip to New Mexico, Liz?” Me: “Oh… It was… swell – even though hubs and I were in the middle of ending our relationship. Ha. Ha ha.”

Bwah, bwah, bwaaaaaaaah… Awkward.

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But yeah. Life Goals. In January 2017, I made some hefty goals for myself. A.K.A. 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. It’s one of my most favorite times of year because everything seems possible. Some of my resolutions have been total failures, and I know they won’t be successful, even though I still have three months to complete them. Still, I have been successful in other goals, and some have been dodged bullets.

Let’s review below.

Quarterly Review #3 | Rose Colored Water

1. Pay off the cars.

Ha. Not happening. What a complete failure. Not only am I stuck with my husband’s truck bill (which I have actually reduced to about $5000), but I have made little progress on my Terrain. Ain’t it fun paying two car payments when you only own one of them? I really wrecked myself on that deal.

Anywho, we’ll say the truck loan sits at $5000 on a 0% credit card, and my Terrain sits at $15,275 at 4.95%. At the beginning of 2017, I owed around $9k on the truck and $17k on the SUV. So, I guess it hasn’t been a total failure. That being said, neither is being paid off this year. My goal over the next three months is to pay more on my Terrain because its value is around $11,000. There is a good chance I can get the loan down to its actual worth by the end of the year, but it will take sacrifice and planning on my part.

2. Buy a house.

I made no secret that the housing market in Denver is insane. We did not buy a house and what a blessing that has been. I can’t imagine how difficult my divorce would be if there was such a massive asset and debt to contend with. This was the dodged bullet I spoke about.

3. Finish my CCAF.

I took a DANTES management course to fulfill 3 of the 6 credits I need to finish my CCAF. Unfortunately, I took another DANTES test to fulfill the remaining three and failed. There is hope for me though. I can sign up for a management course through CCA, the college I take my pre-reqs at. This would be an accelerated 8-week course. I could finish my degree before the end of 2017. However, it will put more pressure on me as I am already in Microbiology and have a lot on my plate applying to nursing school and the NECP. I may let this goal slide until the beginning of next year.

4. Earn A’s in my nursing pre-reqs.

YES. Every course I’ve taken this year has resulted in an A. Microbiology may be the death of me though. I believe it will be the one that got away. Still, I am proud of myself on this.

5. Complete my 2017 reading list.

Reading for fun isn’t happening for me anymore. If it’s not on audiobook through my library, I can’t seem to make time to read it. I have two books on my shelf that are on my reading list, and I just can’t sit down to read them. This is the problem with being in college. Also… fun reading for me goes in waves. I burn out quickly. I was on fire the first half of 2017, but the last half has me dragging. Maybe over Christmas break?

6. Be smarter with my time.

This resembles my reading list. The first six months of 2017, I killed it. Then my divorce happened and non-important things (like reading) fell by the wayside.

It is essential that I rekindle my time management tempo because the next three months are going to be intense. There is much to do in a short period of time, and I cannot dally.

7. Take one big vacation with Mike.

See awkward introduction paragraph. 

I did take a big trip with Mike. It just wasn’t as fun as it should have been. Still, we made some memories and I gained a deep love for the enchanted land of New Mexico. This trip to New Mexico was eye-opening and cheap. I planned on writing more posts about what we visited, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Do check out my review of Roswell and the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

8. Purge more junk.

I’m about purged out. There’s little else I can purge. I’ve actually been addressing my wardrobe situation and making a point to buy high quality, classic pieces. It’s been a healthy transition.

9. Get a 90 on my PT test.

My PT test is October 11. I’m on track to get a 90 and be set for another year. I’ll let you know how it goes.

10. Spend more time outdoors.

It’s been in the low 40’s to high 70’s in Denver. Fall is officially here and I am drinking it up. Note: I hate pumpkin spice lattes. Still, it has been beautiful as the days fluctuate between cloudy, dreary, and perfect blue skies. I have had all the windows open with fresh air and light shining in. Motley and I go out a lot, so I hope the weather doesn’t become too frigid too soon.

Am I a failure? Not quite. Things could be better, but they could be worse. The money is flowing; my friends are supportive; I’m healthy and happy. Life is good. Cheers to the last three months. Let’s kill it. 

How are your goals going? 

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