The Pros & Cons of Owning an SUV

Pros and Cons of Owning an SUV | Rose Colored Water #cars #terrain #suv

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You guys, I LOVE MY GMC TERRAIN. We bought it in December 2015, when we got a steal-of-a-deal on it. It has changed my life. Now that I’ve owned it for more than a year, I feel confident saying I never want to go back to driving a car. I say this in a very matter-of-fact way. I love the way our Terrain looks, drives, rides, and feels.

Pros and Cons of Owning an SUV | Rose Colored Water #cars #terrain #suv

Even with all my love and adoration for this vehicle, I have learned there are some distinguishable differences that come with owning an SUV. Call them pros; call them cons. No matter what you call them, they do have an impact on your life (as most car stuff does).

Because I’m honest, let me tell you about some of the cons I’ve discovered since owning my SUV.

Con #1 | Bad gas mileage

I would be lying if I said I didn’t see a negative effect on gas mileage. Thankfully, gas has been cheaper the past couple of years, so I haven’t noticed too much of a difference. I usually get around 19 miles a gallon driving back and forth from work through a lot of stoplights. When driving across Kansas, I got about 24 mpg.

If gas was more expensive, I might feel the pain of poor fuel economy.

Con #2 | Expensive tires

We bought four new tires back in October, and it cost every bit of $1000. I admit, I wanted Michelin brand because I know they are reliable and worth the extra cost. My husband put new tires on his truck for $800, so I know I could have bought a lot cheaper, but we’re in Colorado and safety is important to me.

Now, for all pros that combat the cons. These are the reasons I will never go back to driving a small car.

Pro #1 | Feeling of safety

There’s something to be said for sitting higher off the ground, above all the little cars zooming past. I feel so safe in our Terrain. I know that if I were to get into a fender bender, I would be okay. It feels as if I can do anything when I’m in this car.

Pro #2 | Higher ground clearance

I’ll be the first to admit that I drive like a bat out of hell. You should have seen me in my old Monte Carlo. I also have a keen ability to hit curbs with my wheels and that thing below my bumper. I used to bottom out in my car ALL THE TIME. My husband hates it. He says I am destroying my vehicle. Maybe I am. I run a tight schedule and my Terrain helps me get the job done. If that requires ramping a curb, so be it. The higher ground clearance has been a real boon with this. Also – snow. Lots of it here in Colorado. Much easier to plow through with high ground clearance.

Pro #3 | Great for hauling (people, dogs, stuff)

Who do you think drives everyone around at work now? Most of the time, it’s me. I have the biggest car and the biggest back seat compared to all my co-workers with their little cars. Motley can also hop right into the back through the hatchback and away we go. This has probably been the best thing about the Terrain. We live the dog life and Motley loves the Terrain as much as I do.

Overall, I would say that owning an SUV is worth the added expense, and it’s not like it’s a giant Tahoe or Highlander. It’s the perfect size for a couple who likes to travel with pets and people alike. I do not regret the decision to buy my GMC Terrain, and I think many people who own SUV/crossovers would agree.

What about you? Do you have an SUV? Do you love it or hate it? I’d like to know!

4 thoughts on “The Pros & Cons of Owning an SUV

  1. Great, now I want to buy an SUV! The cons aren’t so bad, especially when you consider that tires are never really “cheap” and gas is expensive no matter what! Lol.

  2. I have a Ford Focus, but when I do get a new car I want one of Ford’s crossover SUVs. I would feel safer being further off of the ground, but there’s no way I can handle driving a full-sized SUV!

    1. Yeah, my Terrain is a crossover. It’s in the same class as the Ford Edge and Ford Escape. It looks a lot bigger though. It’s quite zippy and small once you start driving it. I do think the Ford Edge’s look awesome though.

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