Why I Wear Less Makeup

I have hit a milestone, people! Today, I threw away my first three year old eyeshadow. It’s groundbreaking, really. I hope that this will be the first of many and that my love for couponing will give me the ability to buy new, fresh shadows that better fit my style.

You see, I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I used to, but these days, I’ve come to a realization that I hope all women eventually come to; less is more. And blue/dark green eyeshadows should NEVER have been a trend.

You Don't Need to Wear a Lot of Make-Up to look beautiful. Try minimalism in your cosmetics. | Rose Colored Water #makeup #cosmetics #minimalism

Sometimes I wonder how others see me, then I realize how self-absorbed it is to think that other people care about how good I look or not. Nobody cares how much make-up you’re wearing as long as you look put-together. Whether it be at work, home, or out on the town, very few people will care, and the ones that do don’t matter.

I have one person to look good for, and that’s my boyfriend. He is awesome at making me feel beautiful on my worst days, and he prefers when I wear less on my face. If he thinks I look beautiful in my natural skin, then by golly, I’m going to believe him because it saves us both time and money.

Life without makeup opens up a world of possibility.

Think of what that extra 30 minutes to an hour could be used for. I spend my morning time perusing the internet, walking my dog, or blogging (if I have something I want to share). If I was better about exercising, I would fit yoga in there too. If I didn’t have that extra time to collect myself and thoughts, I think I’d go out of my mind.

It takes about 10 minutes max for me to apply my makeup. I wear shadow and mascara. If I’m feeling moody, I’ll also apply eyeliner, but that’s rare. It makes my eyes feel tired, so more often than not, I leave it off. I cannot imagine spending more time than that on my makeup. What a waste!

I’m not condemning those who wear a lot of makeup. I struggled with severe acne for an excruciating amount of time, so I understand the reasoning behind gobs of makeup. Sometimes, it can be the only reason you feel halfway decent about yourself. I just wish women would rethink why they’re doing it and re-evaluate its importance.

Beauty comes from within. That’s really all that matters.

Do you wear a lot of makeup? Why?

It Is Better to Be Hated…

It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. Andre Gide | Rose Colored Water #motivation #quotes

For some reason, when I think about who I am at a core, this quote always comes to mind. It sums up my entire being in one sentence. My personality can be difficult to handle. I tend to be brutally honest, pessimistic, and cynical. Yet, believe it or not, my friends think I’m hilarious. Of course, this personality type is typically hated or loved. You’re with me 100% or you’re not with me at all.

And that’s okay.

It easier to know who my true friends are. I try to be the truest form of myself at all times. Authenticity means a lot to me. I can apply this quote to almost any moment in my life where I have had to ask myself what decision to make.

It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. Andre Gide | Rose Colored Water #motivation #quotes

Here are some reasons I tend to be hated for who I am:

  • I am a Christian.
  • I am pro-life.
  • I believe citizens have a right to arms.
  • I won’t work at a job that makes me miserable.
  • I won’t lie to you to spare your feelings.
  • My likes and dislikes are pronounced.
  • I tend to babble.
  • I am cynical.
  • I am a pessimist.
  • I am a feminist.
  • I am an introvert.
  • I am a “skinny fat person.”
  • I laugh at politically incorrect jokes.
  • I make politically incorrect jokes.

Those are just a few of the reasons. All are things I could lie about or try to suppress, but why should I have to? Would it make me happier? Would being more “likable” make me feel better about who I am? No, probably not. Anyone who has hidden their true self knows how miserable it is.

That is why this quote is one of my favorites. It’s better to be hated than to live a lie.

What do you think? What traits or beliefs do you have that make people hate you?

Why I Remain Loyal to HP

Why I remain loyal to HP | Rose Colored Water #workflow #career #computers

The hunt for a new computer is over. After much stress and hearing many differing opinions, I decided to stick with what I know and build another HP. I’m sure if we wanted to look at this from a psychological standpoint, there’s some deep theory about why I didn’t switch brands and all that crap, but let’s not go there. I enjoy change. For the most part, I crave it. But in this case, I weighed my options, listened to lots of people, completed massive research, and still found myself saying, I want my HP laptop.

HP Pavilion 14t Back

Almost everyone I know who has owned an HP left the brand. They’ve all had terrible experiences, between crashing motherboards and dysfunctional hardware, I’ve seen and heard about it all. I’ve been degraded for my loyalty to a dying company. People have told me to branch out and that I’m being stubborn and foolish. It hasn’t been fun. Over four years ago, when I built my first HP, no one batted an eyelash. Things are different though now. I share finances with someone. I have bills. I’m not in college anymore.

And that’s why I bought another HP. Let me be frank with anyone reading this. I have never had a serious issue with either of my HP Pavilions. When something did malfunction, even after my warranty was up, they paid for shipping and fixed it for free. I can’t argue with that service. Maybe I’m the exception, but even so, I want to see it for myself. If this one crashes on me, I’ll know it’s time to move on.

HP Pavilion 14t Front

That’s enough raging for now. Let me tell you what I bought and how I excited I am about it!!! I spent $600 ($50 was taxes) on an HP Pavilion 14t Laptop. I made it white because that’s kinda my thing. I knew I wanted it to be lighter and around the same size as my old one, so at 14 inches and 4 lbs, it’s perfect! I upgraded to an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. That’s solid hardware for running Adobe Design Standard CS6 and Word. I’m a writer and I do a bit of design here and there, so it makes sense. More processing power than that would have been overkill.

HP Pavilion 14t Side with Optical

Note: Another reason I went with HP was because I could build it from the ground up, getting the size and style I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. I looked everywhere at all the brands and could not find ANYTHING for a comparable price with the hardware I needed.

Also, do you know how hard it is to find a laptop with an optical drive?! I’m old school and make a lot of cds, so this was a valuable addition to me!

I think that’s all I wanted to say. I’m sorry I haven’t been on here for awhile, but believe when I say, I have been exhausted and busy! The laptop should be here by the end of the month, so hopefully that will make life a little bit easier!

On a side note, I fixed Mike’s jean pocket! He is so happy! I also paid another $180 on the Discover! WHOOPEE! And I made the pumpkin soup! It was good, but I doubt I’ll make it again. Anyways, three October goals/fall bucket list items have been completed!

What are your thoughts on HP? How’s your October going? Go ahead and dish it out because I’ve probably already heard it from somebody else. :)

Top Blogging Resources for Beginners

I am still new to the self-hosted blogging side of things, but I’ve been writing little stories since I was 5 and blogging on various platforms since I was 18. Writing has never been an issue for me, but when I started this “real” blog on a “real” domain host, I was shocked at how little I knew about blogging and design.

That’s when I went scouring the interwebs to find help from other bloggers like me who built their blogs from the ground up and had tips on making a site attractive.

Helpful blogging resources for beginners | Rose Colored Water #blogging #beginner #resources

My one tip: Stay away from HTML and CSS until you feel more comfortable in blogging. It’s hard enough to get into a solid groove without adding on unnecessary pressure.

General Design Tips

Design Your Own Favicon | Clementine Creative

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How to Create a Pin-it Button | J9 Designs

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General Blogging Tips

Creating a Loyal Audience | Elle & Company

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SEO Basics for Bloggers | The Wonder Forest

Write an Explosive “About Me” Page | Build Your Own Blog

Protecting Your Content | XOMISSE

I know this list is small, but I wanted to make it well-rounded for beginners. You may not need help with everything, but hopefully, you can find what you’re looking for. Also, I follow all of these bloggers on Bloglovin’. They have many helpful blogging resources on their sites. I recommend spending some time in their archives!

Feel free to bookmark this post for later too!

One Year Changes Everything

Favorite memories 2014 | Bloguary 2015

So much can happen in just one year. This time last year, I was eagerly awaiting the return of my boyfriend from his deployment in Afghanistan. He was due home on Halloween. I also had no idea what I was doing with my life. There’s some definite backstory there that I don’t want to get into right now because this post wasn’t meant to be that. Just know that it all turned out for the best, and that (here comes a cliche), true love will always find a way.

In short, I was finishing up an internship with a company I loved in a job I hated. I was far away from home in a tiny town with no job offers in sight. Admitting that I had failed at something, specifically a well-paying job, was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Let me rephrase that, I felt like a failure, though I didn’t really fail. I chose to pass it up because I was miserable. Most would say it wasn’t a failure, but to me, it felt like I had hit ROCK BOTTOM. Maybe what terrified me most was having no plan. The only thing solid in my life at that moment (besides family and friends) was my love for Mike and my desire to be with him when he got home.

I felt like my life was over before it even began. Enter quarter-life crisis.

Mike and Me yesterday
A photo of us in our apartment, taken 3 days ago.

Since that time, I’ve grown in more ways than I can explain. I was humbled. I took a job as an elderly caregiver (the job that had got me through college), struggled to pay my bills (dang student loans), and slept on my best friend’s couch. The thought of moving back in with my parents was unbearable, so I held on. During that time, Mike and I had some ups and downs. We lived an hour apart, so I could only see him once or twice a week.

War is not easy on the mind or body, and it follows you everywhere. It haunts your dreams. As Mike puts it, no matter how much you want to feel, you just can’t, and not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about his time in Afghanistan. It makes building a relationship difficult. We worked through the issues one day at a time. There were times when I didn’t think our relationship would last. I also didn’t know that I could love someone like I loved him. I learned a very important lesson during that time, and when anyone asks for my advice in relationships, I will tell them this one thing:

Love and long-term commitment are based on this factor. Decide how willing you are to put up with the person’s issues-it could be anything- their previous baggage, the skeleton’s in their closet, or their weird nuances and hobbies. If you can handle all of those things for the rest of their life, then it will work. If it’s true, selfless love, you’ll know.

So, I was searching for a job in St. Louis with little luck (that’s where Mike was living). I had interviews, but my skills and experience were never right for the position. I began to lose hope, and my self-esteem began to drop.

One day in March, when I had given up on ever finding a job in my field, I got a callback for a position I haphazardly applied to. The pay wasn’t great, but it was focused on writing full-time and doing a little public relations work on the side, and I was desperate to get to St. Louis so Mike and I could start building a life together. Yesterday was my six month anniversary there. My job as a blogger and PR specialist, while also learning the powers of SEO, has been a difficult, but wonderful, learning experience. I’ve received a raise since I started, and I’ve made amazing friends. I also learned more about the blogging community and how side hustling can change your life. I started this blog because of it.

Happy Birthday to me!

Mike and I chose to move in together in May, and our first night spent in our apartment was the day before my birthday. I woke up to these flowers. We agreed on no presents due to the large amount of cash we had just dropped on our new couch. I was completely content.

Living as a couple is hard in the beginning. You’ll question your choices. We are both learning every day about how to love, forgive, and give each other necessary space. We hope to be engaged soon, but money seems to have a way of disappearing, doesn’t it? I try not to be anxious about it because I know in my heart that we both already feel married. Maybe in the next year, this will all play out and I can do another recap. Until then, we live in a little apartment with our dog, and we are happy.

I am not the same person I was one year ago. I am confident. I am happy. I feel secure. I know I have weaknesses, and I have accepted them. I also have strengths, and I plan to use them to my benefit. I know that everything is going to be okay, no matter what happens, good or bad.

Life goes on, and you can either fight it and be miserable, or use it to grow, change, and become a stronger person. I have high hopes for 2015, and believe things will continue to go up.

Have a great one and keep the faith!