Moving Right Along | June

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I'm Married Now | June

It’s Friday morning. A raging storm is moving through the area, and I’m sipping on a cup of Green Mountain Coffee that I brewed with my brand new, rhubarb colored Keurig. Life is perfect.

I’m married now. It’s been five days. Who would have thought? I won’t dwell too much on the sap, but I will say I am the happiest I have ever been. The wedding was beautiful. I wouldn’t have changed a thing, and choosing an all-inclusive venue was the best decision we could have made.

I plan on doing some posts about my wedding and why I chose what I did, but those will be sporadic. It’s hard to believe I’m 25 and married. I’m right on track for the American Dream!

June is going to be a busy one. The blog will be much quieter this month. Here’s just a¬†highlight of things that will be happening as the month progresses.

I will be freelancing again.

The company I do contract work for has another project for me, and it’s going to be tedious and time-consuming. I’m excited about this because Mike and I are working to refocus our finances and put our credit debt at the forefront. This extra work will keep me busy, causing me to spend less and make more.

Mike is going to Annual Training.

When you’re in the Reserves, you have to attend a 2-week annual training every summer. While Mike is not excited about it, he will make more money in those two weeks than he makes in a typical work month, so we are excited to have even more income to put towards our debt. Plus, not having to cook for a guy is going to help us immensely on food costs this month. And it gives me more time to focus on my freelance work. It’s a WIN/WIN.

I’m changing my name.

If you’re a married woman who chose to take her husband’s name, then you know what a hassle this is. I have to wait for my marriage license to come in before I can head over to the S.S. office. Then I have to wait for a new S.S. card so I can go to the DMV. If you read my “changing your name checklist” post, you know there’s a lot of stuff I must tend to. I’m not looking forward to it.

I must attend a DEP Meeting with my Air Force recruiter.

I have a meeting with other AF recruits in the DEP at the end of the June. It is mandatory, which is fine because I need to give him a copy of my marriage license, Mike’s birth certificate, plus a ton of other information now that I’m married. What a hassle!

I must send out wedding thank-yous.

I think we know the hassle thank you cards entail. I’m just going to have to take a day and do it. I’m very grateful, but it’s such a time-consuming task when I have so many others on my plate.

And that’s my life for June. Nothing but busy. What does your June look like? Stay tuned for more posts about life throughout the month.

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