We Moved to Westminster, Colorado.

Guest bedroom | Rose Colored Water

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Today is the first I have had to actually sit down and write a post IN THE MOMENT. I am here. I am typing this just moments before I will hit publish.

Ahem. I have an announcement.

I am thrilled to tell you that we have moved to a better town in Colorado. It’s still a suburb, but it feels newer and cleaner than Aurora. We were able to get an apartment with the same amenities + a garage for just $20 more a month than what we paid before. How’s that for moving up in the world?

Yesterday, I finished cleaning our old apartment and getting all the leftovers out of it. We finally have a halfway functional kitchen and below, I’ve added photos of the guest bedroom and bathroom. I gotta hand it to myself; this is a much better guest room than the one in our old apartment. That’s because we actually have a place to store all our junk! Thank you garage!

Anywho, we are here and this new space is growing on us.

Guest bedroom | Rose Colored Water

Here are the pros of our new living quarters:

  • The apartment is 100 sq. ft. bigger than our old one.
  • It has a gas fireplace. YEEE!
  • It has a garage to store one of our vehicles during a blizzard, as well as various items of junk.
  • The community is situated right next to a large city park, as well as a golf course, and is only 6 miles from three different dog parks. There are plenty of places for Motley and I to romp around and play.
  • It cuts Mike’s commute time in half. Actually, less than half. This is going to be HUGE (said like Donald Trump).
  • The community is within walking distance to awesome shops like Barnes & Noble, as well as a stone’s throw away from our favorite restaurants.
  • It has a lower crime and car accident rate, so our renter’s and car insurance premiums decreased.
  • The apartment is on the first floor – a must for Motley’s aging hips.

Guest bathroom | Rose Colored Water

However, like any apartment, it does have cons…

  • Our apartment faces the street. We have never had to live with street noise or people walking on the sidewalk right next to our home, so this is weird and we do not like it. Even though we live in a great neighborhood, this is not a gated community and anyone could decide they wanted to bust into our apartment. I don’t know why this has been such a challenge for me to accept when people with houses have been living like this for years. Kinda weird.
  • We are on the first floor – meaning we hear everything from above. EVERYTHING. So far, it hasn’t been as bad as our last place, but it could be worse if there were children above us.
  • The property employees aren’t so great. They weren’t hateful to us, but every time I talk with them, they give off this vibe that I am a nuisance and am wasting their time. Our last place had some really nice girls working there, so I’m not used to being treated like I’m a nuisance – especially when they were the ones who didn’t have their stuff together.
  • This place doesn’t feel AS homey as the last. Mike says the whole environment feels more “young professional and hip,” which we are not. We are old fogies. Plus, even though there is more room, the furniture doesn’t fit together quite right and items we bought to fit our last place do not fit here. That’s the problem with buying furniture for an apartment. Every apartment is different and your furniture needs change.
  • Parking is atrocious. If we didn’t have a garage, we would never have a place to park. It sucks.
  • No built-in desk. I didn’t realize how much I needed a desk until I didn’t have one. I’ve been using dual screens for a while now, so not having a desk makes that idea impossible. I can’t set up shop on the dining room table. Therefore, I must buy a desk. I’m going to buy a cheap Target desk that gets the job done, but I still hate buying more stuff for an apartment. When we PCS, we’ll probably be trashing/selling most of this stuff anyways.

So there’s good and bad. We’re getting used to it and it is growing on us. Overall, Westminster is way better than Aurora. I am still not a fan of Colorado, but this will do for now. It’s going to be nice having a separate office type area to work when I don’t want to hear the tv, and the garage allows us to have more space in our spare bedroom for an office. I can’t complain. We must always try to find the good.

What is your least favorite thing about living in an apartment?

4 thoughts on “We Moved to Westminster, Colorado.

    1. Ughhhh I don’t recommend it. It is so expensive and the cost of living is outrageous! If I didn’t need 2 years time on station to apply for the NECP, I would have already tried to get orders out of here! I recommend Utah or Idaho before Colorado. You still get the mountains and living costs are much more reasonable. Just my opinion. But, since you do like Kentucky, I’d recommend another area in the Midwest, but closer to the city. (More job opportunities for you. I’m sorry to hear about your recent news. I know that must be hard.)

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