Which Site has the Most Updated Real Estate Listings?

Who has the most accurate #homebuying information? Which #realtorwebsite is the best? | Rose Colored Water #housebuying #realestate

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Before I start this post, I want to make one thing clear: I have no evidence or data to back up what I’m about to say. This is all based on my personal experience using these websites over the past 9 months. (Yes, I’ve been following the market that long.)

Okay, so there are many sites available to look for houses. Some are great while others are just okay. I’m going to share what I’ve seen since my husband and I got serious about house-hunting.

Who has the most accurate #homebuying information? Which #realtorwebsite is the best? | Rose Colored Water #housebuying #realestate

Here are the realty sites I’ve been using, rated best to worst.


I hadn’t given REDFIN much thought until I moved to Colorado. I thought because I hadn’t heard much about it that it would be less accurate on prices and listings. Boy, was I wrong! REDFIN has consistently been the most up-to-date real estate site out of all the typical sites. It consistently beats Zillow by days, sometimes weeks. Not to mention, if a house sells, they show it pending sale almost immediately. I have been pleasantly surprised with how quickly they list homes on the market and remove the ones that are no longer available. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a home, only to find that it isn’t available anymore.

2. Zillow

Zillow was my number one until I found REDFIN. I lived and breathed it. Then I got angry. I got angry because I had fallen in love with so many homes and they were no longer available! It only takes getting burned a few times to quickly tire of the bull. Still, I’m not sure how accurate REDFIN is in rural areas, so I recommend Zillow as a contender, especially if you’re not in a city. It is the best contender.

3. Realtor

Realtor.com has the luxury of posting homes for sale by the owner, so in that sense, it is good. However, it is not near as up-to-date as REDFIN or Zillow. I believe it used to be a top contender, but not anymore. I would definitely check it out to see if you’re missing out on any homes that might be available by the owner, but other than that, keep tabs on Zillow and REDFIN so you don’t miss out on great homes.

4. Trulia

Trulia is basically Zillow. It’s owned by Zillow, so the homes are the same. They might have better coverage in other areas, but here in the Denver area, they are always behind. I don’t use them much anymore, unless I’m looking for rentals.

5. Remax

Remax is a good site, but they aren’t as up-to-date as others. I will say that I don’t know that they allow their homes to be listed on REDFIN, because I’ll often see homes I’ve never seen before on other sites on theirs. I think Remax takes care of their own homes more than homes sold by other realty companies. That’s why I would stick to the aggregate sites listed above, but also keep tabs on Remax. You don’t want to miss that one possible dream home.

6. Coldwell Banker

Not really a contender out here. There aren’t too many Coldwell Banker realtors out here, so while they list homes on their site, they don’t seem super up-to-date. I wouldn’t use them if you’re looking in this area.

If you’re in the market for a home, keep your eyes and ears open and set up notifications on your phone. I have had all these apps on my phone at any one given time, so it helps me get the most up-to-date information from everyone.

Do you have any experience using these sites in your home search?

Tell me what you think!