Last Minute Goals and an Air Force Update

Last minute goals and an Air Force Update | Rose Colored Water

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The beginning of December was nuts. I was finishing up the final assignments for my two nursing pre-reqs (Human Anatomy/Physiology I & Human Nutrition). I was also pulling some long hours at work.

Now that we’re nearing Christmas, work has slowed down and I’m finished with college classes until the end of January. I’m excited to have a break from it all. I won’t be working the last part of December, so I have some big goals I want to accomplish before we bust into 2017.

That being said, here are a couple of things I want to accomplish in the next 15 days.

Last minute goals and an Air Force Update | Rose Colored Water
1. Finish my 2016 reading list.

I had to put my 2016 reading list on hold during the fall semester. There was just too much reading and studying that had to be done. Now, I have about 10 books left to read, and I’m pushing hard to finish them by the end of December.

Some of the books are available only as audiobook, which is irritating. I am not a fan of audiobooks. I just finished The Chaperone by Laura Moriarity, and I hated it. Mostly, I hated the audiobook part. Elizabeth McGovern from Downton Abbey narrated, and her voice was so grating to my ears. She read so slow too. When time is not on your side, the last thing you need is an audiobook, because you are at the mercy of the narrator. The book itself was boring and long. It just kept going when certain details no longer mattered. I don’t recommend wasting your time on it.

Currently, I’m listening to The Burnable Book by Bruce Holsinger (because it’s also only available from my library as an audiobook). The narrator is much better, and a little faster. The book clocks in at nearly 14 hours, but I can listen to it while cooking, cleaning, and bathing. That’s the good thing about audiobooks.

I plan on alternating the books on my 2016 list between audiobooks and regular paper versions so I’m never wasting precious reading time. If I don’t finish my full list, I’m going to roll the leftover titles into my 2017 list. No need in leaving them behind because I wasn’t diligent.

2. Put away Christmas decorations.

I have the week after Christmas off, so I want to ensure all my Christmas decorations are put away while I have time. Plus, if we are going to be moving in 2017, I want to have as much stuff packed up as possible.

Those are my two biggest goals for December. I really want to finish the reading list most though.

Life Updates

Everything else in my life seems to be falling in place.

As I mentioned before, I earned A’s in both classes this semester. It is a huge accomplishment for me and puts me that much closer to be accepted into nursing school when I apply in 2018. The higher my GPA is, the better chance I’ll have. Next semester, I’ll be taking Intro to Stats & Human Anatomy/Physiology II. I am terrified of Statistics, but a few of my co-workers are planning on taking it with me. With our combined brain power, surely we can pass with a good score.

At the beginning of the month, I met some of the key officers on our base that will have a major impact in my acceptance to the NECP. It was awesome, and we seemed to click really well. Here’s to hoping we can all work together and make it happen.

Our finances have suffered with the Christmas season, but we’re not letting that get us down. We bought some much needed items, as well as some frivilous things that we wanted. However, we have big goals for 2017, so we are going to get right back on track in January.

The housing process has slowed for us quite a bit. We’re in a transition right now. I haven’t mentioned it on the blog (I don’t think) because I’ve been busy and hadn’t felt like writing. My husband is currently trying to go Active Duty Air Force. We don’t know what is going to happen yet, but if he does get in, we aren’t going to buy a house. If there are no available slots and he continues with his post office job, we will go back to our original plan of buying a house. That’s one of the reason I’ve been so quiet here about everything.

Overall, 2016 has been a good year. It’s going to close out quietly, but that’s okay with me. I hope to have time to write more blog posts and continue writing about our journey of paying off debt.  

What has 2016 brought you?

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    1. Thanks! There’s a lot of paperwork, as you can imagine, and it’s very up-in-the-air right now, but we’re hoping it all works out. It would be so amazing for our finances and lifestyle. He would actually have vacation time!

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