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So you think you want to join the United States Air Force? If so, you have come to the right place! I have been through the process of enlisting and serving, and I document all of it right here on my blog. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on the posts below.

Everything you need to know about enlisting in the United States Air Force

When I decided to enlist in the Air Force, I headed straight to the internet. I wanted to read every first-hand experience I could find, especially for females. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much out there on the subject. That’s why I decided to document all of it on my blog. I hope to help you feel prepared and answer any questions you may have about joining the military, as it is a life-changing decision.

Just Getting Started | Testing, Processing, Waiting

I’ve Decided to Join the Air Force

What’s Happening Since I Joined the Air Force

The Process for Joining the Air Force

Joining the Air Force: First Steps

The Pros and Cons of Joining the Military

All About the ASVAB

Taking the DLAB

My Experience at MEPS | St. Louis

I Got a Job and a Date for BMT

5 Reasons I’m Stoked about being in the U.S. Air Force

Air Force Basic Military Training


5 Great Running Shoes for Air Force Basic Training

Basic Training Tips and Prep

Basic Training Packing List for Females

Air Force Basic Training | Week 0

Air Force Basic Training | Week 1

Air Force Basic Training | Week 2

Air Force Basic Training | Week 3

Air Force Basic Training | Week 4

Air Force Basic Training | BEAST

Air Force Basic Training | Week 6

Air Force Basic Training | Graduation Week

Air Force Basic Training | Airmen’s Week

Air Force Basic Training | The Chow Hall

Basic Training | The Gas Chamber

Other Helpful Insights

Getting a Ticket while in the DEP

The Upsetting Side of Military Life

AFSC – Client Systems – 3D1X1 | Tech School

Armed Forces Vacation Club

How Joining the Military Can Help You Get Out of Debt

Thrift Savings Plan | The Military’s 401k

5 Easy Moves You Can do to Start Getting Fit

Air Force PT | What You Need to Know

Air Force Hair Regulations – FEMALE

What You Need to Know About Out-Processing from Technical School

My First Duty Station – Buckley Air Force Base

Plans for the Future

Things You Need for a VA Home Loan

First Time Home-Buying with a VA Home Loan

Why You Need a Credit Card Before Joining the Military

How the Air Force has Changed my Life

Two Years In | How the Air Force has Changed my Life

Air Force Commissioning

The Air Force NECP | I’m Pursuing the Nurses Enlisted Commissioning Program

An NECP Update | April 2017

Air Force NECP AY 2018 Requirements + What I’ve Been Doing (December 2017)

Air Force NECP Setbacks (January 2018)

Air Force NECP Update | the Most Exciting Thus Far!

NECP Update | the Final Decision!


  1. Great job making your blog a resource. That’s why I shared my experiences, too! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I hope to offer some guidance, just as you have!

  2. Hi! So i have read majority of your AirForce blogs and I find them great. I am looking into joining but I’m 28 and currently work a full time job. I also want to become a chaplain, I’m currently working on my M. Div., but I cannot find good information on it and seems like Chaplains are hard to find. Is there anyway you could direct me in the right direction. I fo have a recruiter but I’m on the backburner because I have to lose weight.

    1. Hi Tenise,

      Thanks for commenting!

      Much of what you need isn’t available to you because it can only be accessed through military websites. I’ll take a look on the system and see if I can find information for commissioning as a Chaplain. If I find something, I’ll try to get it to you!

      1. I couldn’t find anything related to the Chaplain program, but I did find the Air Force webpage which gives a pretty good idea of what you need.
        Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for posting about your experiences. It’s helped me a lot in my decision to join the Air Force:)

    1. I’m so glad you found the blog helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. Hi Liz! I am so glad I came across your blog posts related to the Air Force.
    My name is Chelsea. I am 24 years old, soon to be 25, never been married and no kiddos! I am currently working full-time as a Licensed Vocational Nurse and wanting to go back to school for my BSN, but I also feel like I’m at a mid-20’s crisis. LOL. I feel like I need a change of scenery and a new adventure. I have always been intrigued by the Air Force but let my fears, life, and other people’s negative opinions get in the way of joining in the past.
    I have met with a recruiter but my debate is whether I should go active duty or reserves and finish nursing school in the mean time. The recruiter I spoke with is reserves but said he used to be an active duty recruiter, so made certain points to both. I met with him yesterday and now I feel like my head is spinning because I have no clue what to do. Initially, I wanted to go active duty for the whole new adventure, experience, and next chapter of my life.
    If you had any advice, what would it be?

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      Thanks for commenting! You have a lot of options, and it can be hard to make decisions when you don’t have the support you would like. For one, because you are already a licensed nurse, you could go ahead and get your BSN, and then try to commission as an officer. If you did go the enlisted route as Active Duty, it would be an adventure, for sure, but you aren’t guaranteed a medical job, which could cause you to lose some skills and experience, though you would have a GI Bill waiting for you after your enlistment. I do not regret enlisting at all, though I am now trying to commission through a nurse commissioning program. You could be eligible for that after two years since you most likely have all the required prerequisites. That program is only available for Active Duty though. Joining Active Duty is the quickest way to “change” your life, if that’s what you’re looking for. I didn’t want to wait around and further my education. I needed change in my life, and I got that by enlisting.

      Ultimately, you have to decide what you want. You could take a pay cut joining as enlisted. That is something you should be prepared for. You could be sent somewhere you don’t want to be, as well as deployed, but if you simply want to leave your area and find literally anything else – Active Duty can do that for you. I met a lot of people who went Reserve/Guard, and they wished they had at least done one enlistment as Active Duty for the experience – but it’s different for everyone. You can always go Reserve after your first enlistment. You are young, so you have time to advance your education. You meet some amazing people as Active Duty, and there are a lot of opportunities available to you. Another thing to think about is that you will probably be forced to live in the dorms. As an older airman, that can be tough if you’ve always lived on your own. You will have a roommate and lose some privacy. That is something to consider.

      My advice is to not let anyone force you to do anything you don’t want to do. There will be people who hate your decision and think you’re crazy. Others will be excited. You have to decide what you are willing to do. I hope this helps, but there is no right or wrong answer here. I can only tell you what I’ve experienced, and it was the best decision of my life.

  5. Hello! Will you be doing one for Tech school?

    1. I have thought about it. I’m a little rusty on the information though. I will try to write one up based on memory.

  6. Hi there!
    I have such a passion for the air force and really feel a desire for serving my country. I am currently a junior in college and am getting in an ROTC program to get the ball rolling. I am not sure what job I would like to do I’m the Air Force, but is that something that I need to know now or will they end up placing me where they want me? Thanks for your blog! It’s been super helpful.

    1. Hi Megan!

      Thanks for the kind words! ROTC is an awesome option, but you are limited in what you can do based on your major. Sometimes, even if you have a certain major, you can be placed in a career field that doesn’t necessarily correlate. They will place you where they need you. I definitely recommend talking more in person with the ROTC rep at the college you will be attending.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Hello. I was reading your blog here and I am interested in joining the Airforce. But I was wondering is there some type of deadline to sign up? I am currently losing weight to get in but I was wondering is ther some type of deadline to sign up I am in Ohio if that matters thank you.

    1. Hi!

      There is no deadline to enlist in the Air Force, unless you mean your age? You have to be under the age of 39. I recommend speaking to a recruiter. He/She will help you with all the details and tell you what you need to know about enlisting. Enlistment into the military is a rolling process. They are always taking new people.

      Hope this helps!

  8. Hi! I’m so glad that I found this blog it was so useful in answering my questions about what joining the Air Force would be like. I found your weekly BMT blogs to be especially useful! None of my family members are in the armed forces so your blogs were super helpful in giving me a recent, personal experience of what Air Force is like.

    I’m currently 19 and in my second year at a community college. Coming from a low income, single parent household with two younger siblings I am worried about how to finance my education. I want to become a psychologist which requires a doctorates degree and also means 8+ years in school. This was my primary reason why I was interested in joining the Air Force.

    I’m still indecisive about what to do. I know that joining the military has a lot of benefits but I am lacking the self confidence within myself. Are there things that you wished you’d have known before joining? Is there anything that you would have done differently?

    Again thank you so much for making this blog!

    1. Hi Candace,

      Thank you for commenting and for all the kind words. I completely understand your fear of paying for school and not knowing what to do at this point in your life. Honestly, the only thing I wish I had done differently is joining earlier, like at your age. I waited until I was 25 and drowning in student loan debt. If I had come in at 19 or 20, I would have been able to take classes with the Air Force’s Tuition Assistance and kept myself from amassing a ton of student loan debt.

      I was terrified of joining, but it was absolutely the best decision I have ever made. Everyone is scared, but the Air Force will give you confidence as you tackle Basic Training and become a stronger individual. Plus, you’ll have an amazing support system to help you along the way. I recommend reaching out to a recruiter to see what your options are. As always, you can email me or comment on the blog if you have more questions.

      Good luck!


  9. Hi Liz!

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog. I’ve been looking into joining the Air Force for quite some time but kept making excuses. I’m 27 years old and have my Bachelors in Exercise Phys but wanted to go back to school to become an RN. I found the NECP (how I found your blog via google) and found out that you’d have to go in active duty for that specific program (which I wouldn’t be totally opposed to). I’ve also had family members tell me to go in as an Officer since I do have a Bachelors but I still want to pursue my education to ultimately become an RN. I’ve been trying to reach out to the local AF Recruiter down here so hoping to hear back soon and talk with them so I can better understand what options I have.

    Any advice from your end would be super helpful 🙂 Thanks so much and excited to begin reading your blogs – so far they’ve been super resourceful!


    1. Hi Tania,

      You have a couple of different options, but it really depends on how quickly you’d like to join. First, you could try to commission as an officer right now, but I’ll tell you, it’s very difficult to commission from the civilian side if your degree isn’t STEM. Of course, it’s not impossible, but when I briefly looked into it a few years ago, they had canceled the boards several times prior because they were already full of non-STEM degrees. So, it’s a risk, and you could end up waiting years, but you could definitely try. (This is actually a big reason I jumped into the enlisted side first).

      Another option is to just jump into an accelerated BSN program and get your RN first, and then try to commission, but that will also keep you out of the Air Force for a couple of years and again, you might run into the above problem.

      As you learned, the NECP is an enlisted program only. You must be a SrA/E-4 to apply, and also have 2 years time on station. So you would have to wait a couple of years before applying, but in that time, you could be taking some classes you might have missed that nursing school requires, as well as prepping yourself as a great candidate so you can hopefully be accepted the first time.

      Overall – there’s no quick way about it. It will take time. I hope this helps you understand some of your options better!

      Good luck!


  10. Hey Liz!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your experience with the Air Force. I’m 22 and currently in the process of enlisting. Just getting my paperwork together and losing those last couple pounds (had a baby a year and a half ago). I want to do the Air Force reserves so I can go through college and be there for my son til he’s a bit older and then transition into active duty. My question or rather questions I have for you is: 1. I plan on cutting my hair short and my hair tends to get frizzy and is curly. So what kind of products are we allowed to bring? And what helped you with your hair? 2. Being a woman, did you have any problems (treated different, etc) and also in regards to a menstrual cycle (just being real honest) are they allowed to give you anything to help with pain? 3. What are the essentials you’d recommend I bring to survive the time I’ll be in basic, I.T school, etc.?


    1. Thanks! I emailed you!

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