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Getting your date for BMT without having any idea of what your job will be.

I admit I wasn’t expecting this so soon. As you can see, I have some big news.

Yesterday, I received a text from my recruiter saying that I had received a job and I was set to leave for Basic Military Training on September 22, 2015. That is a little over three months away. Needless to say, I’m kind of freaking out. All the regular emotions are running through my brain: fear, excitement, shock, happiness, terror.

Sometimes, I still can’t believe my life is headed in this direction. Five years ago, I would have laughed in your face if you told me I would be married and joining the Air Force at 25 years of age. HA! Ha Ha! But here I am. Shit just got real.

I’ve already made the calls to my family and told them the date. My husband is elated. Not because I’ll be leaving, but because this is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. This is the beginning of a chapter that will bring us financial freedom. Plus, we’ll be moving. If you don’t already know, I could not care less about St. Louis.┬áMike loves it here, but I’m ready for something new.

Details about my job and Air Force BMT

If you don’t know how the Air Force works (and it’s a little different for each branch), when you go to MEPS, you pick from a list of jobs you’re qualified for. You can choose 10 specific jobs, or 8 specific jobs and 2 general aptitude areas. You have a better shot of leaving sooner if you choose 2 general aptitude areas, so that’s what I did. These choices are based on your ASVAB scores.

I didn’t receive any of my top job choices, but I did get a job slot in the Electric aptitude area, meaning when I get to BMT, I will have a choice (kinda) on what job is available at the time in that area.

Here is a full list of AFSCs in the Electric aptitude area. Depending on what is available, I could possibly be placed in any one of these. I would prefer BioMedical, but who knows what the availability will be at the time. Client Systems would be my second choice if BioMedical isn’t available.

Basic Training is in San Antonio, Texas at Lackland Air Force Base. Thank the Lord it should be cooling down some in October and November. BMT is 8 and 1/2 weeks. That half week is the week I go down and am processed in. The other 8 weeks are intense physical, emotional, and mental training.

I should graduate some time in November, if I make it through.

Anyways, that’s my big news. Life just changed again, and I am excited to see where I’ll be this time next year. If you have any questions, please let me know!

12 thoughts on “I Have a Job Slot & Leave Date | Air Force

  1. Hey. I am thinking about joining the AF Reserves after high school, and was wondering….after you get you scores back from the ASVAB, Is there a list of jobs you pick from or does the Recruiter pick from the list? Because I was interested in Photojournalism and just wanted to know……

    1. Hi Hannah,

      So, Guard/Reserves is a totally different ball game than Active Duty Air Force. I did ask a friend in the Guard how this works so I can answer your question properly. After you take your ASVAB, you will find out what jobs you are eligible for.

      As far as I understood it, you can pick the job you want from the list of jobs you qualify for, HOWEVER, you have to wait for a slot to open up before you can go to BMT. If you pick a job in the arts like Photojournalism, you’re going to be waiting a LONG time to get a slot. Jobs like that aren’t very plentiful in the Air Force. If you don’t mind waiting, by all means, pick the job you want. However, your recruiter will try to nudge you in a direction that will get you to BMT faster, especially if you get a high score.

      Also, I highly recommend you consider going Active before going Reserve/Guard. A lot of people end up regretting it later on because once you go that route, it’s extremely difficult to go Active if you like Air Force life. (Like, IMPOSSIBLE). It’s much easier to just serve four years and then go Guard/Reserve if you’re tired of full-time military life.

      Anyways, that’s all I have. Let me know if you have anymore questions!

      1. I actually did look into going into active, but I’d like to be close to my family ad be able to do college while in the AF. But I’m not doing it for help with money….it’s for the experience and the honor of serving my country. Thanks for your help!!!!

    2. I went through the process in November for NJ Air Guard, thought I could give a little info. I did the ASVAB and physical portion for MEPs in one day. After we were done we met with the AF liaison and he called our recruiters to come pick us up. My recruiter already had my ASVAB results and had a job picked for me when he picked me up. I did not get to pick from a list. However, he told me what job he thought I would be good for based off my score and experience and gave me a few days to research it. Him telling me what job I SHOULD do was not him telling me I HAD to do it. So you do get a choice. I wanted to do Paralegal, however, that job wasn’t available at my base, so I chose the job he recommended (figured he knew way better than I did). So if there is a Photojournalism spot open, and you qualify, you can pick that job. Guard/Reserves have less options since in Active Duty you can pick a job and move to that base where the opening is. I’m not sure if all states do it this way, but this was my experience in NJ.

  2. I left a comment on another post, but I just saw that you are from St. Louis! I am too, originally. My husband is in the Air Force (4 years) and now I am joining at 25. I leave April 2016. I’m excited to read your posts even more now!

    1. Aw thanks! So nice to have a local around here. How exciting that you are joining up like your husband did! You probably know most of the ins and outs then!

  3. How do you like your client systems job? My daughter just booked it and is a bit skeptical. It was the 9th on her list and she was just told to put “something quick” as she lost 3 choices she originally had down due to failing the depth perception test.

    1. I enjoy it. It wasn’t my choice either, but you learn a lot and it opens up a lot of opportunities because you meet a lot of officers and higher-ups. It’s basically a lot of fixing computers. It’s pretty easy because you work normal 8-4 Mon-Fri. The first months are tough, and a lot of your learning depends on your base and your supervisors. Good supervisors and good bases will ensure you learn the job quickly and offer a lot of good rewards. Tell her to keep an open mind and good luck!

  4. It was my understanding that if you had a college degree you would enter as an officer and go to Officer Training School rather than BMT. Can you elaborate? Thanks!

    1. Hi Brooke,

      You have to be accepted into OTS in order to go in as an officer. That can be challenging if you have a liberal arts degree (like myself). It can also be a longer process than regular enlistment. Most of the time, they want degrees in the math and science fields. It can be hard to commission with a liberal arts degree because there are so many people with these types of degrees trying to commission. It isn’t always this way, but at the time, it was for me, and I wanted to change my life quickly.

      So, yes, you can commission with a degree, but it isn’t guaranteed.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

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