I’m in Air Force BMT, But…

I'm away at Air Force Basic Training

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Dear readers and anyone else who may stumble upon this blog,

I'm away at Air Force Basic Training

I am currently away at Air Force Basic Training, but I’ll be back soon. Air Force BMT is 8.5 weeks long. I didn’t want to let Rose Colored Water die while I am away so I pre-wrote several posts for your enjoyment.

I’ve included links to them all here, though some may be dead/404ing right now, depending on what day you arrive here. As these posts go live, the links will also become live.

Feel free to read the ones that have already published, and check back in to see the others later.

As for me, I hope to be back in this space sometime in December. Who knows though. Life will be busy and I may not be able to write much. Still, I hope with these pre-written posts, it will feel like I never left you.

+ Visit Elephant Rocks State Park and Johnson Shut-Ins

+ 15 Books for Fantasy Lovers

+ Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on a Great Mattress

+ A Snapshot of our Wedding

+ Visit the Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis

+ Why Buying a New Car is a Dumb Decision

+ Why I Can’t Get Behind Victoria’s Secret

+ Myths I Believed When I Was 18

+ Mint vs. Personal Capital | Which Should You Use?

+ Emergency Funds | Why, How, and our Goal

+ Things I Will Be Buying in 2016

Enjoy these posts while I’m away, and I’m sure I’ll have tons of stuff to write about when I get back!

2 thoughts on “I’m in Air Force BMT, But…

  1. Thank you so much for your posts, they are really helpful. I leave on 2/9 and I’m very nervous and excited as well. I’m a little older than most but I believe it will be ok. Any other pointers? Packing has been hard, I’m trying to leave a box ready for my parents to send to me when I get to tech school. Looking forward to hearing from you, congrats on your journey so far and thank you for your service.

    1. I’m so glad you’ve been reading. I’m sure you’ll do great. If you haven’t started working out, do so now. At least, push-ups and running. You don’t want to be weak on those, mostly because you’ll feel pathetic (like I did) when you do PT. Also, just remember it’s going to suck really bad until around Week 4. That’s when things start to get a lot better. Week 0 and Week 1 are the absolute worst. Just muscle through it. Good luck!

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