I Passed Sec+ and I’m in Colorado

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I bet you all thought I was dead. The good news is… I’m alive and well, but a little frazzled. This post is to update you on why I’ve been gone so long, and what the plan is for the future.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado
So this is home now. We made it. I traveled from Mississippi to Missouri, and then on to the great big west, dog in tow. Mike isn’t out here yet because he’s taking care of things back home. He’ll be out in about a week. Motley was a real trooper. Man, does that dog ever love to travel!

But first things first.

Security+ is one of the hardest things I have ever taken on, aside from joining the Air Force. Nothing can prepare you for that test. I plan on writing a post with tips and tricks, but what do I know? I feel that I got lucky. The worst part about passing is coming out and seeing that some of your friends didn’t make it. That was the hardest part. I started missing those guys the moment I drove away.

When I finished the test, I was one of the first ones done and I was sure I had failed. When an 811 popped up on the screen, I flipped out. Not only had I passed, but I scored a 90%. How this happened, I do not know. I had everyone and their dog praying for me though. I believe that helped. Stay true to God and He will stay true to you. 

Air Force Cyberspace Support patch
Finally earned my Cyberspace Support patch!

Things were hectic after that, and it hasn’t slowed down until this moment. This is the first true moment of relaxation I have had to collect my thoughts and write this post. I’m currently living out of a suitcase, but that should change soon. There were some hiccups in my house hunting leave, but that’s all good now. Soon, Mike and I will be in our own little two-bedroom apartment and we’ll be a happy little family again.

Colorado is expensive, but gorgeous.

That’s what I first noticed. Housing is going to be twice what it was in St. Louis, but I look at snow-capped mountains every single day. Not to mention, everything is perfectly clean and fresh. The weather has been gorgeous, and I can’t wait to get Mike out here so we can start exploring Denver and hiking every mountain in sight!

Hopefully, I can get back on a schedule here so you’ll begin seeing more updates and posts about life in Colorado and how it’s affected our finances. Speaking of finances, March is going to be a mess. I think we may actually have more debt this month because I’ve been putting all the expenses on my credit card – safer, smarter, easier. Of course, I’ll be reimbursed for much of this, but as for now, the credit cards are blowing up. There’s also those first rental costs, which are going to be ginormous.

Still, I can’t let this get me down. We saved for this and the military has my back. Most of that money will come back to me in due time. Plus, my paychecks will be bolstered by a significant increase in BAH, as well as an additional supplement for food. I know we will be just fine.

Work has been good. I didn’t do much because I started my house hunting today. I did a lot of in-processing stuff, and still have much more to go. Everyone in my shop is nice, and I think we’re going to have a good time together. There are a lot of redheads too, so I fit right in! I did hardcore PT for the first time in about 3 weeks, and even though everyone was telling me not to push myself, I felt really good in the altitude. I didn’t have any headaches or odd symptoms. It felt really great, considering I’ve been eating crap food for the last weekish. Volleyball season is also starting, so I’m definitely joining the squadron team. Volleyball is one of my favorite sports, so I’m glad I didn’t miss out on that.

Overall, I’m enthusiastic. Everyone seems to be moving right along and by the end of next week, my life will be put back together and I can start living again. Thanks for all your support through this!

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