How Getting a Ticket Affects You in the DEP

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How getting a ticket affects you in the Delayed Entry Program

Hi everyone. My name is Liz…
*Monotonous, unified “Hi Liz…”*
…and I am a speeder.

I have always had a bit of a lead foot. My mom has one too, so maybe it’s genetic. Either way, I’ve been clean for three years. No tickets… until the other day. I was frustrated after a long day at work and just wanted to get home. People were going too dang slow, so smart me flipped it into high gear and sped right past all of them! …and a cop.

And that’s how I got a ticket for going 24 miles over the speed limit. 59 in a 35 to be exact. Tears did nothing for me except keep me out of a second ticket for careless and imprudent driving (because that’s what 24 over is called). You also have to go to court if you go 20 over, so I also had a court date, set for some time in July.

As I continued my drive home, I thought about what my Air Force recruiter said to me after I swore in. “Now’s the time to stay low-key. Don’t do anything crazy, because even a speeding ticket can hold you back.”

Even a speeding ticket…

So there I am freaking out and wondering how the heck I’m going to pay for this $200 ticket and what to tell my recruiter. Thankfully, my fiance has been through all the military stuff and reassured me that everything would be fine and I wouldn’t get kicked out.

If you get a ticket, call your recruiter.

Since I didn’t want the points on my driver’s license, I sent my ticket into a traffic law agency who deals with this stuff for a low fee. They charged me $125 in fees, and then I had to pay court fines.

My recruiter said everything should be fine as long as everything is taken care of before I leave for Basic Training. That made me feel a lot better, since I don’t even have a job slot yet.

So if you’re wondering or worried about these¬†minor issues with the law,¬†it will not stop you from getting a job. However, if it’s not all taken care of by the time your ship date comes, you may not be able to go.

Thankfully, the company I hired took care of it right away and sent me the court fines, which were ungodly, but what can you do?

So don’t worry too much about little things like this while hanging out in DEP. Just remember to be transparent with your recruiter. Make sure he/she knows what’s going on so that they can keep it in your file. You do not want to hide the information, because while it won’t get you kicked out in the DEP, it could get you kicked out later on as withholding information (or something like that).

It’s all going to be okay.

Good luck out there future airmen! Do you have any stories from your time in DEP?

Tell me what you think!