Five Go-to Places in St. Louis

St. Louis Missouri Places You Should Go | Rose Colored Water #travel #missouri #midwest #showmestate

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If you haven’t noticed by now, I live in St. Louis. But let’s get something straight… St. Louis was not my first choice. I finished my undergrad degree in Kansas City, and I love that town. It will probably always feel more like home than anywhere else I live. If the chance to move back ever came my way, I would pack my stuff and be gone.

Don’t get me wrong, St. Louis is a great city. It has more to offer than Kansas City in the way of free attractions, but it’s kind of a dirty town. And I’m sure you already know about the crime. Maybe Kansas City has sentimental value as well, as I matured and grew a lot during my time living there.

St. Louis Missouri Places You Should Go | Rose Colored Water #travel #missouri #midwest #showmestate

I moved to St. Louis to be with my boyfriend. Most of his family is here and I didn’t mind where we lived as long as we could be together in a city. Neither of us had ever lived in St. Louis, so we have spent a lot of time exploring, trying to find fun places to hang out. We typically enjoy walking around with Motley and eating. :) That being said, my five go-to places focus on food, relaxation, and dog-friendly parks.

Here are five places I recommend you go to if you ever come to town.

1. Guido’s on the Hill

In St. Louis, we’re fortunate to have an authentic Italian district called the Hill. The Hill is home to all kinds of great Italian restaurants, but my favorite is Guido’s. It’s a casual dining experience, so you never feel like you’re underdressed, and the people are great. I swear, there’s something in the sauce. Try the lasagne; it’s my favorite!

2. Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Ted Drewes is a St. Louis staple. Don’t let the massive crowds and lack of parking scare you away! You cannot come to St. Louis and NOT have Ted Drewes frozen custard. While I am not a big concrete/ice cream fan, Mike loves it, and we happen to live a couple miles away. They make the best concretes and have 4 different sizes, priced right. All of their flavors and mixes are good. You won’t be disappointed, but expect to wait at least 15-30 minutes during the summer, crammed between kids and adults alike.

3. The Hi-Pointe Theatre

The Hi-Pointe Theatre is the oldest working single-screen theatre in St. Louis. It was established in 1922 and it still looks similar to the way it did when it opened. Mike and I discovered this gem when trying to find a cheaper place to see a movie. It’s priced much lower than bigger theatres and the experience is nothing like you’ve seen before. It still smells old.

4. Soulard

One of the most popular neighborhoods in St. Louis, Soulard is a great place to walk your dog and grab a bite to eat at a local cafe or coffee shop. Mike and I walk it every now and then, though we’ve yet to stop and eat. No matter, this part of town is historical and puts on the second best Mardi Gras celebration in the country.

5. Benton Park

Benton Park is such a quaint neighborhood. It reminds me a lot of Soulard, only not as popular and still being cleaned up. It was kind of a dumpy part for a while, but now they have an awesome park where they put on jazz and blues concerts, and there are lots of little cafes. The homes are beautiful. Sometimes, Mike and I will wander the neighborhood daydreaming that we will someday be able to live in an area like that.

Have you ever been to St. Louis? Where did you go and what did you see?

4 thoughts on “Five Go-to Places in St. Louis

  1. I’ve never been to St Louis but I have heard about the crime. That’s sad. And I love that you moved there just to be with your love. How sweet and romantic is that?! Who knows, maybe one day you may end up back in Kansas City OR somewhere equally as nice! I think it’s really cool that your city has it’s own Italian district. I would LOVE that! I’m a big Italian food person. lol!

    1. Hi Julie! Yes, there are definitely parts of St. Louis that you DO NOT go to, but there are also plenty of places that are safe and fun, and downtown isn’t as bad as some people say it is. You have to be smart, just like in any large city. The Italian district is definitely something to explore, and the history is everywhere in St. Louis. It truly was the gateway to the west. You should definitely visit sometime. :)

  2. I was looking into grad school at SLU and had no idea about the crime!! Give me all the details I need to know before considering St. Louis as a possibility!! haha

    1. Hi Kate,

      From what I’ve heard, SLU is an excellent school, but you wouldn’t want to live on campus. At night, it can get kind of dangerous. However, there are lots of safe areas around SLU to live in, and the environment is vibrant. St. Louis has a lot to offer students, so I would definitely come take a look around if you aren’t familiar with the area before applying. Ultimately, if you’re smart and live in a safe area, it’s no more dangerous than any other “downtown” area.

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