FEARLESS | my Mantra for 2018

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Today, I woke up and knew my morning should be slow. I felt drowsy and not quite awake, but that quickly changed after walking Mots in the snowy dark. After our walk, I brewed my morning coffee and opened up the curtains.

Natural light is my preferred lighting, and you’ll rarely see a light on in my apartment before the sun goes down. I hate turning on the lights when there is sunshine pouring in. In today’s case, it is cloudy and snowy, which makes it all the more perfect.

Once my coffee was ready, I decided to take a bath. Not many bathrooms have windows, but mine has frosted glass above the shower, which allows for just enough morning light to see what you’re doing. I lit a candle and started the water.

I turned on Spotify’s Easy Vibes playlist (you really need to check this out), stepped into the tub, and let myself relax.

Be Fearless in 2018 | Rose Colored Water

Last year was tough, and January didn’t give me any breaks. But even with career setbacks¬†and an unknown future, I am learning to embrace life as it is. Five years ago, I never expected to be living in Colorado or in the military. My life is blessed.

Being Fearless

No matter what I endure, 2018 is my year to be fearless. I’m not going to let anything scare me. Lately, I’ve worried about what I will do when my closest friends PCS and how living alone in a small apartment will be after so many years of having another person nearby.

I know I will be okay. I once thrived in a quiet, low-key environment, and believe I’ll get that back when I’m there. Change is rarely easy though.

This year, I have a great shot at making Staff Sergeant (E-5) and finally being at the rank of many people my age. I haven’t lost hope in my chances of commissioning yet.

Yesterday, I sent my package to the University of West Florida. Soon, my Eastern Kentucky application will be ready. I’m also almost ready to send South Florida my application. No matter what happens, I still need to push through in trying to get accepted into a nursing program.

The next few months are full of unknowns, and I must be fearless in how I acknowledge and deal with them.

My plan for 2018 is to be bold, present, and brave, dealing with issues as they arise, and not worrying about problems yet to come.

What is your word or mantra for 2018?

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