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Investing Tips for Newbies | Rose Colored Water
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Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Distinctive Faves” post, so I wanted to bring that back into the blog today. A lot is going on around the world and in my own little family. Today, I want to focus on recent articles I’ve read involving investment and retirement.

Ever since I opened a Roth IRA, I’ve been gorging on investment blogs. I also keep up with my other favorite blogs, but I can’t seem to read enough about how people invest for their future! As I mentioned in my post about the Roth IRA, this is a landmark decision for me. It’s something my family never pursued or talked about, so being the first to invest in my family is kind of a big deal. I have become so passionate about investing (even though I have already lost $2) because it is one of the few ways a person in the lower class can build wealth.

I believe America offers ways for people to change their class and their future, but you have to educate yourself and believe you can do it. Believing you can get out of debt and live a beautiful, financially fit life is half the battle! Don’t give up! You can make it happen!

Anyways, enough encouragement. Here’s the smart goods:

I hope these articles add some insight to your investing knowledge. I know they have given me more confidence. I’m getting smarter EVERY week!

Tell me what you think!