Why I Love Trains – a.k.a. the Denver Light Rail

The H Line: Denver Light Rail - Public Transit | Rose Colored Water

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The H Line: Denver Light Rail - Public Transit | Rose Colored Water

Everyone. I heart public transit. I do. It’s inevitable now. I’m a believer. For a small-town girl like myself, this has revolutionized my thinking. The Denver Light Rail is one of the most legit things ever. I admit – I feel for the people who ride the train to work downtown every single day. I would not want that life. But, as far as using public transit as a way to get downtown – FOR FREE – is my new jam.

Here is how it happened. 

We hopped on the H Line. The closest station to our location is Nine Mile Station. It’s where the H Line begins. The H line will take you all the way down into the heart of Denver. Typically, this would be a $4-6 trip if you paid fare, but Mike and I are military.

Military ride free on Denver public transit!

I cannot stress that enough. Your government id card is your ticket. It’s so fantastic. Anyways, Mike and I hopped on the H Line around noonish to head to a Denver Rockies game – because the Air Force is awesome and lets you do cool stuff like that during work hours. According to Mike, the Denver transit system is nice and well-kept compared to the Chicago lines. Hmm…

We find a seat and begin the ride downtown. Of course, we make many stops on the way and watch passengers come and go. We’re riding this baby to the end of the line, so we know it’s going to be a while. I must note – I didn’t feel scared at all. I had Mike with me, but even if he hadn’t been there, I would have felt safe. I felt that I could confidently read a book or blog on my iPad without being bothered. I know this is probably a false sense of security because I had a man by my side, and no one seems to take a second glance at a woman when she’s in those circumstances. However, I think I could have managed the situation alone.

An excellent ride on the Denver Light Rail H Line.

The ride was smooth and easy.

I felt comfortable and relaxed. It wasn’t loud or busy. We went during non-peak hours, but still – a solid choice when wanting to save money and the hassle of parking downtown. Unfortunately, the Rockies game was canceled and I had to report back to work, so we never made it to the end of the line. We had to hop off and take the next train back to Nine Mile Station.

Despite making an early return, I have officially completed one of the goals on my Denver list and it was everything I wanted it to be. Mike and I will be taking the train downtown from now on. It’s too good to pass up. What are your feelings on public transit? Have you ever ridden the train to bypass a hectic drive and parking?

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Trains – a.k.a. the Denver Light Rail

  1. It’s so weird how differently public transport is viewed from where I live. Here in the Netherlands parking down town is not possible. All students and most daytrippers into the city take public transport and it’s one of the most used ways of traveling here. For me it’s either public transport or my bike. I don’t have access to a car. And I love public transport. It gives me the free time to read or blog, like you said. And honestly night trains aren’t really that scary either. Though of course you never know what can happen.

    1. It is interesting. I know that having public transit as an option has opened a ton of different opportunities for my husband and me. We know longer have to worry about the hassle of downtown parking – or the price. We can just hop the train, ride for an hour, and boom! Enjoy downtown!

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