5 Tips for Creating a Work Space When You Don’t Have an Office

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Living in a one-bedroom apartment is great for the money, but terrible for space. Merge two people’s lifestyles into that space, and there’s little room for¬†anything extra… like a desk, and especially not an office.

With so little room for dedicated spaces, it can be hard to find a conducive work environment. Sometimes, you need to be creative to find a space that works for you. For around two years, I had to work out of my living room. Now, I have a small office set up in my bedroom. Though not ideal, these are solutions that work for me right now, and they just might work for you! Here are some tips for creating a shared office space.

5 Tips for Creating a Workspace When you Have no Office | Rose Colored Water #office #career #workfromhome


1. Clear the Clutter

When your space is cluttered, it’s hard to focus. Keep things simple. It’s easier to look around, breathe, and focus. When working out of my living room, I would clear out everything that wasn’t a natural part of the room. Every morning, do a quick tidy up. This goes for your bedroom too. I carved a small corner out of my bedroom to work from, and it is simple and clean. Too many random items will distract from your true purpose.

2. Look for Natural Light

Working in natural light is good for your well-being. Seriously! They did a study¬†on it! Why wouldn’t you want to work in wholesome sunlight anyway? Open the windows, pull the blinds, and take in some nature, even if you live next to the street as I do!

3. Use a Coffee Table

Without a desk, it can be hard to keep everything you need organized and in close proximity. Having a coffee table can help relieve some of that stress, as it functions somewhat like a desk if need be. I had my friend build a massive coffee table for my living room so I can lay out all my paperwork, coffee, pens, and electronics.

4. Put Some Music On

Nothing sets the tone like music. Whatever your work jam is, your makeshift office won’t be complete without it. I like to listen to Spotify’s jazz playlists, such as Coffee Table Jazz and State of Jazz. Find what works for you and dance into your work zen.

So, are you stuck without an office? How do you work? Have you tried any of these tips?

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