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We grow as we learn to let go. Lyrics by Finish Ticket

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Have you ever discovered a song that has made your entire life? You listen to it and the lyrics speak to you? Everything about the song to you is perfect – from the singer’s voice, the guitar riffs, the beat. This happens to me quite often, and brings joy from somewhere within the depths of my soul. I can’t describe the feeling when I find a song like that.

I’m not talking about break-up or sad songs. I’m talking about the ones that inspire you and make you feel invincible. Sorry Adele, there’s no room for you here (I love her though!).

Because these songs exist, and I happen to find one or two every month, I’ve decided to start a new series called Sound of the Month. It helps me share my favorite new music (no matter how old it may be) and find the bits of truth within the lyrics.

We grow as we learn to let go. Lyrics by Finish Ticket

May’s sound of the month is a song called Color by a band called Finish Ticket. I listen to it when I work-out, drive to work, and shower. I cannot get enough of it right now.

My Favorite Lyrics | Color by Finish Ticket

Verse 1
Hoping for a change
Running from the noise inside my brain, the stranger on my face
Something’s gotta give
We’re going through the motions, paralyzed; I’ll freeze up every time

What the hell do I know? Looking for an answer
Learn from my mistakes; the cycle starts again
Amplify this feeling, a feeling I remember
On the edge of something, the edge of so

All my dealings are behind me
Everything was black and white inside
But I’m seeing color
We grow as we learn to let go
Pushing through the black and white
See in color

Verse 2
Outside of our skin
Waiting my whole life just to begin
Patient, but giving in
Still, I celebrate
Stronger with each scar and each scratch that I’ve collected

And I don’t speak, speak my mind
I’ve been frequently behind
I’ve been blind in my reason and my cause
When we wanted to find what’s been rolling out my mind
I’ve been lost in my reason and my cause

Everything was black and white inside
See in color
Everything was black and white inside, oh, oh
We grow as we learn to let go
Pushing through the black and white
See in color

How this Song Speaks to Me

You may be asking yourself how this song could speak to me when its theme deals with being a bit lost and confused and finding the light. Those themes are what speak to me though! As I was reflecting on what my life was like just a year ago, I realized that this song was me.

The years of 2013, 2014 & pre-military 2015 were nothing but a long struggle of feeling choked, paralyzed and blind. I stumbled along grasping for anything that felt stable. I am grateful I had Mike through all of it, but it was a tough time for both of us.

Waiting my whole life just to begin; patient, but giving in. Still, I celebrate -stronger with each scar and each scratch that I’ve collected.

This verse is the epitome of my life – especially before I joined the Air Force. I continued to wait for something to give, not knowing what to do or how to make a change. Money was a struggle. Life was harder than it should have been.

“We grow as we learn to let go.”

If this isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is. I have grown so much in the last 3-4 years, and even more so since I joined the military. As we move on with life, we have to let stuff go. If we hold onto it and bury it inside, we’re never going to grow and become stronger.

Everything about this song makes me feel happy and grateful for the life God has blessed me with. With a little bit of sacrifice and hard work, you can accomplish so much! What’s your favorite song of the month?


2 thoughts on “Color – Finish Ticket | Sound of the Month

  1. Well… I found your blog because I just found this song, and have not been satisfied with the lyrics I’ve found at the usual places. I could not empathize more with this post… about music in general, this song in particular, and especially having learned much in the past few years.

    So, I’m questioning two lines I’ve found all over the place:

    * “All my dealings are behind me” – I believe this is ‘feelings’, not ‘dealings’.
    * “When we wanted to find what’s been rolling out my mind” – the first few words do not sound correct to me… but I can’t tell what they might be saying. Any thoughts?

    In the interest of your sound of the month series, I also thought I’d contribute a few recommendations!

    Shiny Toy Guns – The Sun –
    The All-American Rejects – Move Along –
    DC Talk – In The Light –
    Built By Titan – The Darkness –

    1. Thanks for commenting! It’s nice to see that someone actually knows who Shiny Toy Guns are! I love their music! I love all these songs, actually! As far as the lyrics, I was always curious about those lines as well. Even though I copied the lyrics from a lyrics site, I always felt that “dealings” sounded like “demons.”
      “All my demons are behind me.” That’s what I would like it to be, at least. I relate to it better.

      As for the second set of lyrics, I have no idea. All the things I’ve thought of don’t make any more sense than the original lyrics.

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