5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas as a Couple

5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas as a Couple | Rose Colored Water #holidays #marriage #relationships

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With all the different family celebrations to partake in, it can be tough to navigate Christmas as a newly married couple. You’ll have to share days with certain sides of the family, and you may have to miss out on some of your oldest traditions. If there are step-parents involved, sorting out where and when you’ll visit becomes even more difficult. Sometimes, it may just be easier to go your separate ways to hit up all the stops, if you can agree on this scenario.

Even with all of the tough decisions that have to be made, the build-up to Christmas is still one of my favorite times of year. Everyone is happy and jolly, and there are so many fun, free activities you can do to celebrate and reminisce!

5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas as a Couple | Rose Colored Water #holidays #marriage #relationships

Drive around and look at Christmas lights.

On the way out of St. Louis, Missouri on west I-44, Jellystone Park stands majestic and tall. At Christmas time, it becomes Santa’s Magical Kingdom and glows like a forest on fire! Supposedly, it’s one of the best light displays in the country.

Mike and I love to drive around and look at the lights, especially in the ritzy neighborhoods. You can bet we’re going to be making this a holiday tradition for the rest of our lives.

Watch Christmas classics.

I am a sucker for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, while Mike loves Home Alone. There’s nothing like curling up next to your best friend and watching your childhood favorites. Gather up all the Christmas movie classics, make some hot cocoa, and laugh the night away cuddled up in each other’s arms.

Make Christmas cookies.

My family has a special recipe we make every year, and it’s important to me that Mike and I keep that tradition alive in our own home, even though he doesn’t really like them. It’s fun to have our friends over and eat the dough while decorating the cookies with icing!

Stuff your lover’s stocking.

Mike and I already have everything we could ever want (that we can afford), so we decided to give each other stocking stuffers this year. As you know, just because it fits in a stocking doesn’t mean it’s cheap. I love this idea because it requires us to think creatively. Once the stocking is full, you’re done!

Do a good deed.

While many people volunteer at charities during the holiday season, there is still so much you could do without being official. Do you have an elderly neighbor? Why not visit and take a Christmas card with some cookies? I have spent a lot of time with seniors, and there’s nothing that brings them more joy than a surprise visit. If visiting neighbors is out of your comfort zone, set aside some money to buy food pantry items. Christmas is the season of giving, and there’s nothing that feels better than giving to those that are less fortunate that we are. Blessings abound when you share your wealth.

Christmas is a time of togetherness, and you should enjoy this time together.

What about you? Did you make some new traditions when you became part of a duo?

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