I am a Christian.

I am a #Christian | Rose Colored Water

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I am a Christian.

And because of that, I think a lot of things are wrong. I know that the way I live is wrong. I live in sin. You live in sin. We all live in sin. Sometimes, we openly embrace our sins. Other times, we fight them with all our heart’s fury. I have done both. I have failed and I have won.

Being a Christian is hard. It’s not for the faint of heart. Christians have bad spells too. That’s why we’re judged so harshly. We go through spells where we’re high upon the mountain, obeying all the laws of God, and then we find ourselves suddenly in the throws of Death Valley, fighting for our lives against Satan himself. Sometimes, we walk with Christ. Sometimes, we walk with Lucifer.

Being a Christian is hard. We know what is wrong, but we have an entire world telling us it is right. We know sinning is wrong, yet our flesh makes us weak against its power. We fail, time and time again, and the world loves it – eats it up! The world loves when a Christian fails because then they can use it against us – throw it in our faces. But a true Christian already knows he is a failure, and accepts it.

I am a #Christian | Rose Colored Water

Being a Christian is hard. That’s why we turn to Christ. We know that to earn our reward, we must publicly denounce the world and its ways. We must follow one God. We must confess our sins and acknowledge that Jesus Christ, a perfect man in a world of sin, came to die for us and reunite us with our Creator. We know it sounds ridiculous – a fantasy that surpasses all time and culture. We even doubt it ourselves, at times.

That’s why being a Christian is tough. We have to push ourselves to trust, have faith, and ignore the world on a daily basis. Because those who win the race of life must lose their own life first.

I am a Christian, and it is arduous. It’s hard to stand up for what you believe in when everyone is saying the opposite. When you believe in your heart that all of it is wrong, yet you find yourself nodding your head to avoid a fight about religion, freedom of choice, and the world’s lack of simple self-discipline. As one of the greatest apostles of the Bible wrote, all things are permissible to me, but not all things are good.

Being a Christian is hard, but I am up for the fight. And though some of my choices align with the world, and others align with God, I know that my sins are forgiven and I am free.

We are all free, if we only choose to turn to the light.

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