Air Force Basic Training | Week 6

Air Force Basic Military Training - A look at Week 6 | Rose Colored Water #military #basictraining #airforce

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You made it! You survived BEAST Week. You survived theĀ very first week that isn’t even a real week! You’ve made it through the worst six weeks of your life. Week 6 is a week of finality. Everything you accomplished and learned suddenly feels worth it.

Air Force Basic Military Training -  A look at Week 6 | Rose Colored Water #military #basictraining #airforce

You’ll spend Sunday of Week 6 recouping from BEAST. There will be LOADS of laundry to do, time needed to study for your end of course exam, and prepping for final inspections. Overall, it’s a good time because everything is much more relaxed. Your MTIs may even treat you like a human being. You may enjoy being around them.

Since so much is happening during this week, I’m going to give you a rundown of the most important things you will encounter.

1. EOC

The Air Force is the only military branch that has a test at the end of BMT. This comprehensive test covers all the classes you took during the previous five weeks of training. Lots of people freak out about this, but it is not that hard. Just go over your book and you’ll do fine. I scored a 93%. Remember that if you fail it, you’ll probably get anywhere from 1-2 more times to take it before they recycle you. Even still, you probably won’t get kicked out. They’re very lax on it.

2. Final PT Test

This is your time to shine. This is the PT test that will determine whether you test again in 6 or 12 months. This will be your recorded score for your first real Air ForceĀ PT test. If you get a 90 or above, you won’t have to test again for a year. If you get below a 90, you will test again in 6 months. Shoot for that 90, because it is much easier to wait a year than it is 6 months. A lot of things are changing in your first 6 months after BMT, so it’s a hassle to be continuously prepped for another PT test.

If you earn below a 75, that is a failure. Fitness scoring charts can be found by clicking on this link.

3. Final Blues Check

You’re about to graduate, so you gotta ensure your Blues are on point. MTIs will walk through and make sure you’re looking sharp. You may also have an OPEN RANKS by your squadron commander.

4. Parade Practice

Most of your 6th week will be dedicated to practicing for the parade. The parade is a super emotional time, so you want to be ready for it. If you’re going to Basic in the summer, I am so sorry. It will be hot as blue blazes and you will have to practice for hours.

Remember when you’re standing at attention to keep your knees bent. Locked legs can make you pass out. People have passed out during graduation and injured – so much that they were relieved from active duty. You can get hurt easily falling on the concrete. Stay relaxed.

5. Final Drill Routines

If you’re in the 323rd squadron (Go Mustangs!), you may have to do more drill procedures so your training MTIs can be scored on their ability to call commands and drill. They used to also grade your flight on marching abilities, but they took that away while I was there. It changes all the time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t bring it back.

6. Class Make-Ups

You would be surprised how many people get sick or have appointments during BMT. Week 6 will be your make-up time to hop into classes you missed during the first 5 weeks. They’ll make sure you get all the classes you need before the EOC test.

7. One Last Call

On the Sunday of Week 6, you will be allowed one final call to your family before graduation. This phone call is so much more relaxed than in Week 4. Things are lighthearted and everyone is excited. The MTIs may even extend it for you so you can iron out details and plans for graduation week. It is really great.

Overall, Week 6 moves along like business as usual, but it’s much more relaxing. People are excited. MTIs are kinder. You’ll get a lot more patio breaks and trips to the BX, especially if your flight is trustworthy. It is so worth it in the end. It’s a wonderful time compared to what you’ve been through. And you’re SO close to graduating and seeing your family!

10 thoughts on “Air Force Basic Training | Week 6

  1. Hello, My son is starting wot-5 today. I was wondering if the pt test requirements posted above are the current requirements. I’ve seen others that state a minimum run time of 11:57 . Is the 75% system the one they use now? Will you email your answer to Thank you for your time. Keith

    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for the question! The current PT standards are the ones in the PDF, which I have also posted in this comment. PT standards for all ages, male and female. I will also send this to you in an email.

      We are still using this scoring chart for PT tests, and the 75 point minimum. However, I have heard there are big changes coming to the PT standards the Air Force has set.

  2. Hi! My son does week six next week. Can you tell me, what day they generally do the PT test? We haven’t made hotel reservations yet, and want to know when we can stop worrying. Thank you.

    1. Hi Katherine,

      It’s usually on a Wednesday, but it can vary. He should have a pretty good idea of where he’ll be by Week 6, and he should get to call you before to verify. Very few people fail their PT tests, and if he is at risk, they will know about it before Week 6. Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you so sharing your experience it’s been a very informative read. I have a question. How long is the run for the PT test? TIA. Shantel Hinton

    1. Hi Shantel,

      Currently, the run is 1.5 miles, and you should be able to do it under 16 minutes to pass your PT test. That is a rounded number. Realistically, it is much better if you can run it in under 14 or 13 minutes, so you are not so reliant on push-ups and sit-ups. Plus, most of your points come from the run.

  4. Thanks for responding, we did hear from her the next day, she passed all tests and it was amazing to see over 700 graduated on Jan 4, everything was beautiful incl the parade on the next day. Thanks again!!

    1. So glad everything worked out! Graduation is a spectacular sight and I’m happy you were able to watch your daughter march down the run!

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