Air Force Basic Training: Week 3


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I last touched on how Basic Training Week 2 typically goes, so now I’m going to tell you a bit more about the weeks as they continue on. Week 3 is where everything starts to come together nicely. Your flight starts working together better. The yelling isn’t so bad because you’re better at everything and the MTIs are a little more relaxed with you.


By this time, you’re doing all the jobs you need to with little effort. Everything is coming naturally. You’ll find that there is a lot more “free time” (otherwise known as study time or perfecting your sand-tee rolling). This is nice, because your feet will be dead from the first three weeks of standing and marching. That’s not to say that drill stops, because it doesn’t. You’ll still be learning new movements and spending a lot of time out in the sun. Thankfully, flag conditions (a heat index that helps determine if you can be outside and what you’re allowed to do) can save you from drilling a lot in the summertime.

Week 3 is when you really start learning about your weapon assembly (Practice makes perfect.) and first aid. We did a lot of practical application. Week 3 is a blessing in some ways because there’s finally a bit of time to relax and you can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. We had a lot of classes that week, so our feet didn’t hurt as much and it kept us out of the heat.

We also got to run for the first time off the track. We got to run all together with our flight to various parts of the base. It was a nice change up because we weren’t just running in circles being yelled at to move faster.

Two of the most exciting things that happened for me during this week was A) we got our Dress Blues and B) we got to have interviews for some of the jobs we were qualified for.

Getting our Dress Blues was a dream come true and a total nightmare. First, it reminded us that soon, we would be REAL AIRMEN marching down the bomb run saying, “YES, we survived.” However, being fitted just perfectly for the sizes and pants and skirt, etc., took all day long. We were at the mercies of the seamstresses. If it didn’t look right the first time, you went back a second, a third, a fourth, and even a fifth time. However many changes it takes, you stay and they get it right. I was one of the last ones to get to march back to the dorm because they could not get my pant length right for some reason. Still, the MTIs are away during this time and it’s more relaxing than being yelled at.

If you have a lot of speeding tickets, you’re considered reckless.

Going to the career building where we had interviews and got to mingle a tad with other flights was exciting as well. I found out what jobs I was eligible for during this time, and then I found out what I was disqualified for after my interview. The interview is simple with just a few questions asked, especially if you come in as an OPEN career field as I did. They asked me if I had ever smoked marijuana (NO) and how much alcohol I drink (MINIMAL). Sadly, I was disqualified for one of my favorite jobs (working on nukes) because I had too many speeding tickets. Can you believe that? I was considered too reckless. Ha! Oh well. Smoking weed will disqualify you too.

Anyways, it was still exciting. We found out that in two weeks, we would be picking our jobs (the OPEN people) and that in the final week of BMT, we would maybe, just maybe, find out what career we’d be heading into.

Overall, Week 3 has a lot of “light at the end of the tunnel” moments. You’re nearly halfway to the end and things finally start to feel like they’re getting better. Overall, it’s one of the better weeks to be a trainee. 

I hope this has helped ease your mind a bit more about Basic Training. Let me know if you have any questions about it, and I’ll do my best to answer them. 

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