8 Things I Miss About Being Single

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Don’t get me wrong. I love being in a stable, loving relationship with Mike. He is my best friend, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything, but sometimes… You just need a break. Mike will be away at Drill (National Guard) for the next four days, and last night, I slept alone for the first time in a while. It felt like I was in college again, living in my little studio. Just Motley and me.

And that got me thinking about when I was single. Let me just say, I do miss some things from my single days. Let me know if you have felt this way too.

8 Things I Miss About Being Single

1. An already made bed. I don’t move around a lot when I sleep, so when I wake up, my bed is still intact. I don’t have to go to a lot of effort to remake it.

2. Better sleep. I love having Mike by my side every night, but he does take up a lot of space in our queen bed. More often than not, I’m falling off the edge. When he’s not home, I sleep squarely in the middle. It’s a dream.

3. Going to bed early and waking up on my own time. I have always been an early to bed, early to rise type, but having a second person to work around can be tough. When Mike is away, I can stick to my schedule. Reminds me of the good ole’ days.

4. Not checking in. Sometimes, you just don’t want to talk to people. When you’re in a relationship, it’s necessary. If you’re not in the mood to talk or listen, you have to do your best to go with the flow. Mike is understanding, but you have to give a little. You’re that person’s main confidante.

5. Not having to fix a huge meal every night. When you’re caring for a man… making lots of food is essential. I eat like a bird, so when I’m alone, it’s a can of soup or a pancake or something – maybe even a bowl of cereal. Easy clean-up, less time, less mess. No stress.

6. The quiet. I love the quiet. I don’t like to turn on the tv (unless I’m feeling Property Brothers). I don’t listen to as much music as I used to. Silence is my thing. Mike loves to watch tv and listen to music. I typically retreat to the bedroom. When he’s gone, the whole house is mine.

Being Single Has Its Perks | Rose Colored Water

7. The ability to up and go anywhere, anytime. When you add a second person to your life, you have to include them on everything. I can’t just quit my job and move back in with my parents to save money. I have to take Mike’s opinions into everything I do.

8. Money. While two people make more money, they also have more bills. The costs are higher. You have to include your partner in every financial decision you make. Their debt is your debt and vice versa. It can be troublesome in a relationship. Like I said before, you can’t just pick up and go, or spend on anything you feel like. The other person’s feelings matter here.

Singletons, take comfort in your circumstances. There’s pros and cons to both sides of the spectrum. Couples… What do you miss about being single?

2 thoughts on “8 Things I Miss About Being Single

  1. My boyfriend happens to take the sheets everywhere with him when he sleeps and sometimes it can be so annoying. Like the sheets are always off the bed in the morning. But on my nights when I sleep alone I love the feeling of having everything in tact. Sometimes it’s nice to have your space and not feel the need to report to someone all the time but it’s also nice to have someone to talk to and share your day with. My boyfriend also does laundry every week and I love it, all I have to do is buy the washing materials. It’s little things like that along with our connection that make me grateful for our relationship.

    1. That is exactly how my guy is! Why, why, why!? I definitely wouldn’t trade him, but couldn’t he learn to not sleep in a cocoon every night? The little things are the best moments. Gotta love them for it.

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