6 Things to Love About Living in Aurora

Moving to the Denver area? Here's 6 reasons to live in Aurora, Colorado! | Rose Colored Water

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I’ve written a lot about Colorado in the last month, but that’s because it’s so dang cool! We had another huge blizzard about a week ago and it was wonderful. Of course, if you hate snow – it may not be your cup of tea. BUT – you can enjoy a nice hot cup of tea during the blizzards – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Anywho, Colorado has been great. As for my locale, I tend to tell people I’m from Denver because it’s simpler. However, I actually live in Aurora. It’s often associated with the movie theater shooting, but you should not base your opinion of this suburb on that. Aurora has good and bad parts to it, but the good parts are REALLY good, and the bad parts are just meh. It is nothing like “St. Louis bad.” I am happy as a clam here. That being said, I wanted to clear up some rumors and give some insight on this massive suburb on the east side of Denver.

What is it like to live in Aurora, Colorado?

Moving to the Denver area? Here's 6 reasons to live in Aurora, Colorado! | Rose Colored Water

1. Everything is within a stone’s throw.

No matter where you live in Aurora, you can get to just about everything within 15-20 minutes. I consider my area the best because it’s not far from two shopping centers and dozens of eating places. We are 5 minutes from the light rail, 5 minutes from one of the biggest parks in the area, 20 minutes from Downtown Denver, and 10 minutes from endless shopping. There’s at least 4 Targets within 15 minutes of us – hence my struggles with recent splurges.┬áIf you want to be close to everything, Aurora is your town.

2. Everyone is nice.

Sure, Aurora may still have a bad rap from the shooting, but that was the exception. The rule is that everyone is nice. Then again, the whole dang state of Colorado is nice. Aurora citizens are welcoming and kind. It’s a fairly safe town with a low violent crime per capita rate. The crimes that do happen (because crime is everywhere) are things like car break-ins and disturbing the peace. The southern part of Aurora is the safest and has excellent schools (Cherry Creek). The closer you get to I-70, the worse it gets. But again, your chances of getting shot/knifed/mugged are slim. You won’t see Aurora on the list of America’s most dangerous cities. *cough*St. Louis*cough*

3. It’s a clean city.

Aurora is a clean town. The southern area is the nicest (Southlands and Cherry Creek area), but the whole city is pretty nice. They are green and recycle-friendly, and there’s no shortage of trash cans around the area.

4. It’s full of military vets and retirees.

It may be an odd reason to love living here, but being surrounded by people who have been through what Mike and I have is refreshing. People understand.

5. It’s more affordable than Denver.

This entire area of Colorado is crazy expensive right now, but Aurora is one of the safer, more affordable suburbs. Though you’ll struggle to find a 2 bed/2 bath apartment for less than $1400 a month, that’s better than what the Denver metro has to offer.

6. There are parks everywhere.

If you follow me on the Instagram, you know that I post a lot of photos of Motley in the park. There is a small park right behind our apartment complex. Aurora is serious about their parks. They keep them clean, tidy, and animal friendly. They have dog waste stations throughout and plenty of areas for kids to play. I would guess there is at least one park for every 3-5 square mile. Not to mention, they have a great dog park, skate park, and several small swimming pool/water parks. Every neighborhood has somewhere to play. It’s one of my favorite things.

This is what I’ve gathered so far. I’m sure my love for Colorado and Aurora will grow as we continue living here. I can’t wait to see what this summer brings to the table!

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