5 Things to Expect Upon Moving to Colorado

5 Thngs to Know about Moving to Colorado | Rose Colored Water #Colorado #Denver #travel

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Moving to Colorado has been nothing short of amazing. From 70 degree days to random next-day blizzards, the weather and everyday lifestyle is a far cry from my life back in St. Louis. I couldn’t be happier, but there are some aspects I wish had been better prepared for.

5 Thngs to Know about Moving to Colorado | Rose Colored Water #Colorado #Denver #travel

1. It’s dry.

Really dry. If you’re from Arizona, you may not think it’s dry. If you hail from the coast or even Missouri, you may want to invest in a humidifier. I bought one because waking up at midnight with a sore throat and feeling like you need to drink a gallon of water gets old fast.

Besides feeling thirsty all the time and having crispy dry skin, it’s not so bad. Just remember to have lots of water and body lotion on hand. And don’t forget the lip balm! I use Yes to Coconut lip balm. Your lips will thank you.

2. The altitude will kick your butt.

Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But eventually, you will feel the effects of high altitude through headaches, dry throat, and dry skin. My recommendations (and everyone else’s for that matter) are to drink lots of water and work your way up to more strenuous exercise routines.

Denver is a little over a mile high. Colorado Springs is about a mile and a half above sea level. You will feel the burn in your lungs and find yourself out of breath at random times. Give yourself 3-6 months to fully adjust.

3. Everyone is really nice.

I’m from Missouri, and I thought people were nice there until I came to Colorado. Colorado has twice the nice. So far, everyone I’ve come across has been interested in chatting about the weather and their personal stories. Plus, if you need help, someone is almost always willing to lend a hand.

4. Everything is expensive.

EVERYTHING. I once heard that even the poor people don’t look poor in Colorado. Housing is outrageous. Groceries are through the roof and there isn’t a cheap alternative. There are no Aldis out here. Is it because marijuana is legal? I don’t know. All I can say is, if you think you can move out here and live an identical lifestyle (especially if you’re coming from another state in the Midwest), you can’t. Everything in your budget will change.

5. The weather is crazy.

Just like Missouri, only worse. High and dry winds will come out of nowhere. A cool day with full sun will burn your body before you ever realize you need sunblock. Just get face lotion with an SPF in it. Save yourself the struggle.

Winter Weather Advisories with predicted snowfalls of 2-4 inches can quickly escalate to full on Blizzard warnings with 12-18 inches of expected snow. This will shut down Denver, even though it is Colorado and snow is its thing. You don’t want to die, do you? So yeah, stay in your house if there’s a blizzard out. Don’t be dumb. Just come to expect that the weather will change on an hourly basis.

If you’ve ever lived in Colorado, did these things surprise you? What else should someone be prepared for?

10 thoughts on “5 Things to Expect Upon Moving to Colorado

  1. I’ve lived in the foothills just outside of Denver for 5-ish years. I agree, the weather is very bipolar. Even if there is a blizzard in the morning it can be sunny and melt by the afternoon.

    About costs, rent is ridiculously high! But, depending where you look sometimes houses aren’t too bad. I moved from Utah and didn’t notice any change in grocery cost, etc. but it probably depends on where you moved from. I didn’t notice any extra dryness, but again I moved from Utah which is also dry.

    As for the altitude, remember to take it easy if you drink at first, it hits you a lot harder up here! ;)

    1. Hi Steph,

      The weather isn’t so bad. It has grown on me, and I’ve found that I enjoy the colder weather more than the summer now. Maybe that’s because I love sweaters and leggings more than shorts and tees?

      I do think the altitude is worse for people coming from sea level. I adjusted fairly well because I was already in shape, but larger, less fit people will definitely struggle. Water and Advil are key! Haha! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I moved here from Arizona 3 years ago. It is dryer here by far. The one thing I wish I knew before I moved here though is, the way people drive here. I can not get over it!

    Aside from those 2 things, it is a wonderful place to live. I don’t regret our move one bit.

  3. I agree with a lot of this list! I moved to the Boulder area from Indiana.
    Yes, home prices are high, but rental prices aren’t that much higher than Indiana. Also, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my grocery prices.

    1. I’ve definitely gotten better at managing the grocery budget, when I first got here, it was tough to manage. I was used to going to ALDI, which was much cheaper!

  4. And to add to my other comment, you are spot on about people being so nice. Everyone in Indiana take about Hoosier Hospitality and how friendly people on the Midwest are, but helpfulness and friendliness is so much more evident in Colorado.

    1. The longer I’ve been here, the less nice people are. They are still really nice though. Sometimes, I do miss Missouri and the slower lifestyle though.

  5. The worst part of Colorado are the people ! Literally will be moving to another state because the people here are so unfriendly. Sorry for the negative comment just wasn’t expecting the locals to be so cold :/

    1. Hi Maegan,
      I won’t lie, when I wrote this post, I had not lived in Colorado for very long. After living here for two years, I can definitely say that the people are not as nice as I thought. I can’t blame them for being upset though. Their whole state has been ransacked by an influx of people who want nothing more than legal weed, not to mention, they have one of the highest homeless populations in the country. It has changed the culture for the worse, in my opinion. Unfortunately, the locals tend to take it out on everyone. They’re not all bad, but I completely understand where you’re coming from.

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