5 Things the Groom Actually Cares About

5 Wedding Details The Groom Actually Cares About

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5 Wedding Details The Groom Actually Cares About

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while planning a wedding, it’s that the Groom DOES care about certain aspects. He may tell you he doesn’t care, but trust me, he does. Today I’m going to discuss five things your fiance actually cares about, and why you should try your best to honor his opinions.

Your Dress

This is so important on so many levels. Now, I could go off on a feminist tangent about how your man shouldn’t tell you what to wear and blah, blah, blah, but I’d rather be honest here. If your future husband doesn’t want you showing a bunch of skin, respect him. It won’t kill you to cover up a bit.¬†You have to realize… He’s going to be undressing you with his eyes the whole time. Don’t jeopardize those thoughts because you went against everything he wanted and wore a dress you knew he may not like.

My fiance is not controlling in any way, but you can bet he doesn’t want to share what’s his with his dad, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. And for that matter, neither do I. Who would? What’s his is his, and I value and respect that.

Your Hair

We all know men care about our hair, even if we don’t want them to. Most guys like long, luscious locks. Mike has begged me to wear my hair down for our wedding, for obvious reasons. He thinks it looks beautiful down. But because I have thin, wispy hair, I think my long hair is hideous. Thankfully, we’ve been able to come to a compromise of a loose, up-style.

What’s important here is that the man cares. Guys know what they like, and your fiance is going to want you to be the epitome of his favorite version of you on your wedding day. Of course, he’s going to think you’re beautiful no matter what, but don’t you want to go the extra mile for the person you’re celebrating this day with?

Your Makeup

Believe it or not, your wedding is not the time to try out new, heavy makeup trends. Does your fiance like your look to be light and natural? Or does he love those smoky midnight eyes? Your wedding is about you and him. You want to look beautiful for him, not everyone else! Try to value his opinion on what he desires from your makeup. It will be worth it in the long run!

Trust me, you’ll know if he likes your makeup or not. Just test some looks a few weeks before. When Mike saw my heavy shadow and dark liner, he HATED it. He likes my face best when it’s lightly made up and natural looking, so that’s the look I’ll be going for on my wedding day.

What’s on Underneath

I think we all know why on this one. Even if you’ve been living together for five years, your wedding night is supposed to be a time of sensual, emotionally-fueled passion for one another. You want to look good under the hood. Head over to Victoria’s Secret or wherever, and pick yourself up some sexy lingerie. Take the friends; try it on. They’ll let you know how you look.

The Cake

Cake is food. Men love food. He definitely cares about the filling, frosting, and flavor. When Mike and I were choosing cupcake flavors, he had more requests than I did! You definitely need to ask his opinion when it comes to the cake and food.

So, do you agree? Do you think these are important to a groom? What else do you think he cares about?


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  1. For sure about the make-up! I never thought he would care before, until he told me he didn’t like so much shadow and eye-liner! HA!

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