5 Reasons We Pay for Doggy Daycare

Want your dog to be happy? Pay for doggie daycare. Here's why we do it. | Rose Colored Water #dogs #happydogs #pups

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I am going to be shameless and honest in this post. Mike and I spend our money in various ways, and one of our most scoffed at expenditures is doggy daycare. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is daycare for your dog, and it is probably the best time of a dog’s life.

When I first started taking Motley to daycare, I was in college and had never left Motley alone at home for more than a few hours. I was starting an internship that would keep me away for full days, and the thought of Motley alone in his kennel for 10 hours twice a week killed me. This particular daycare was right on my way, so I decided to do some research.

I learned that doggie daycare is common and expensive. The benefits seemed to outweigh the cons, and I decided to foot the bill and buy a 20-day package for $300. Those 20 days lasted 4 months. Motley didn’t go to daycare every day. I would only send him on days I knew the internship would keep me late. He loved every minute of his time there.

Now that Mike and I are working extra long hours in our jobs, we decided it was time for Mots to return to daycare, and I recommend it looking into it for your own pooch if you’re concerned their well-being.

Want your dog to be happy? Pay for doggie daycare. Here's why we do it. | Rose Colored Water #dogs #happydogs #pups

1. Peace of mind

I believe most people feel this way when they have to leave their dog alone at home. It makes me so sad to know Motley spends long days by himself in our apartment. I feel at ease when Motley is at daycare. If I could afford it, I would send him Monday through Friday.

  • Daycare attendants keep a watchful eye on the pooches. If Motley were to have some kind of attack (I think about those things…), they would recognize the issue and call the vet or me. If he were home alone and the issue was critical, he could die from something that may have been prevented with emergency treatment.
  • He doesn’t have to hold his bladder for long hours.
  • If I have to work late, I’m not freaking out about who will go to the apartment and take him out (again, so his bladder won’t explode). I can just pick him up late at daycare.

2. It is so much fun for them.

Motley a great time jumping in the pool and playing with other dogs. He can run around and wrestle ALL. DAY. LONG. He practically drags me into the daycare when we arrive in the morning.

3. It curbs destructive tendencies.

I have been fortunate that Motley never had many destructive tendencies in my apartment. However, if left to his own devices outside, he could be quite the maniac. If your dog likes to destroy everything in the house, including the kennel, doggie daycare is for you! Dogs are so busy romping around and chewing on all the toys that once in their own home, they are ready to relax and go to sleep.

4. It keeps your dog socialized.

I have yet to see a daycare that has breed restrictions, so if you have a “so-called” aggressive breed, then you know they need to be socialized at a young age. Doggie daycare is a great way to incorporate socialization into your best friend’s life. It’s also great for dogs like mine that spend a lot of time alone at home. It keeps them socialized and teaches them how to interact with other people and pets.

5. It makes evenings more relaxed.

There is nothing fun about coming home to a dog that has been locked up all day. Owning a pet is hard work, and if your dog stays at home all day while you are working, you’re going to need to make up for that during your time off. I see daycare as taking back your evenings! Imagine being able to arrive home and relax on the couch, rather than running right back out to walk and play with your furry friend.

This is honest pet parenting here. Every day is not a piece of cake and playing with your dog is not always a top priority. You are lying if you say it’s easy to make time for your dog every single day. Let someone else love on your pet during the day so you can enjoy some “you” time.

If you can afford the costs of pet daycare, I urge you to consider it. It can change you and your pet’s life. It’s okay that life gets busy. It’s awesome that doggie daycares exist so you can have a place to take your dog when the days are hectic. If you have any questions about daycare, feel free to ask!

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons We Pay for Doggy Daycare

  1. Although I work from home and don’t have pets (yet) I’ve heard great things about some doggy daycares! I think socialization is important, even for pets! I’ll certainly keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know it can seem a bit like wasteful spending, but even buying a package and sending your pup once or twice a week is beneficial, especially for that socialization part. It is key to raising a well-behaved dog. Thanks for commenting!

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