5 Emotions You May Feel During Wedding Planning

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5 Emotions You May Feel During Wedding Planning

Being engaged is such a joyous time of romance and heightened love between you and your future life partner… until you start making plans for the actual wedding. That’s when all hell breaks loose. Add in immediate family members’ opinions and you are on the verge of World War III. This is not what weddings are all about! They should bring families together, not tear them apart!

But the hard truth is… everyone thinks weddings are a big deal, and they all think they know what’s best for you. It will be so maddening you may actually find yourself crying five days after your engagement. At least, that’s what happened to me.

Long story short, you are going to FEEL lots of different emotions before your wedding day. Here are some of the most common. I can attest to all of these.


Elation is the best feeling you can have. You’re on cloud nine. YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!! You have probably dreamed of this time since you were a child! If you’re like most people, you have a secret wedding board on Pinterest just waiting to be ransacked! This is the best time of your life!


You are getting married. You are giving the rest of your life to someone – signing your life away – if you will. Are you sure this is what you want to do? What if you made the wrong choice? What if your future spouse is a serial killer? What if they put you in financial ruin?! All this and more may cross your mind during your engagement and wedding planning. Don’t worry, it should pass. Hopefully. If these feelings don’t pass, you might want to investigate that further.


If you are paying for your own wedding, you’re sure to feel hopeless at one point or another. Weddings are expensive, and every time you swipe your card, you may die a little inside. Flowers are outrageous. Venues are ridiculous (you might want to choose an all-inclusive venue). Invitations, favors, decorations… the list goes on and on, and the price goes up and up. It’s scary. You will definitely feel a bit hopeless. It will come in bouts. Still, it’s a tough emotion to handle.


Is getting married a sign you’re getting older and becoming a quote un-quote adult? Do you feel like you’re giving all your freedom up? You shouldn’t. Marriage is a beautiful bond between two people, bound by God, but it can still bring on nostalgic memories and thoughts of a simpler time. Don’t be sad. Be glad!


This is a big one. There will be times when you feel like a raging bull. People are going to infuriate you. Here are just a few examples of things that could happen that will push all your buttons:

  • When someone asks why you’re only serving appetizers
  • When someone mentions that you’re not inviting enough people
  • When a person who clearly isn’t invited invites themselves
  • When everyone starts guilting you into inviting more guests than you can afford to accommodate—and then tells you you’re spending too much on your wedding
  • When someone says THEY should have been a bridesmaid (or a groomsmen)
  • When you have to invite certain people because they’re family or close friends of the family

The list is never-ending. You will get mad. You will argue with your future spouse. You will argue with your mother and his mother. There will be issues, and you’ll have to do your best to handle them with grace—all while hiding how furious you are.

These are the kind of things that will run through your mind. Of course, you’ll feel so much  more than these five emotions, but take note, the above are the most intense.

Do you agree? How did you feel during wedding planning?

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