25 Things I Don’t Care About Anymore

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25 Things I Don't Care About Anymore

I’ve learned as I age that I tend to care less and less about a lot of stuff. Priorities change, and so many things that once mattered to me no longer take up space in my mind. I just don’t care. Some of the things I no longer care about have made me a better person. Some of it has not.

So continuing in the spirit of “Top 25” lists, here are 25 things I no longer give a shit about. You probably shouldn’t give a shit about them either, in my humble opinion. Then again, you don’t have to care about my opinion. Ya know, in the spirit of not caring anymore. Ha!


I don’t care about…

1. People’s opinions on my musical tastes. I’ll listen to what I want, when I want.
2. People’s opinions on my faith. I’m a Christian. Why is it such a big deal to you? Jesus loves.
3. My wedding plans. Seriously, can we just get it over with? I’m totally over it! I’m sure it will be wonderful when it gets here, but the planning and money is just too much.
4. Hashtags. I hate them, but they’ve become necessary to get things out in the world. I don’t even care.
5. Judgmental people. All the judgments, opinions, etc., negatively affecting my life view. No longer caring.
6. Age. I’m past the age of caring what people think about my age. Am I too young looking? Too old? Psh. No matter. I don’t care.
7. Past relationships. Please hear me on this. It is not worth caring about old, dead relationships. Mourn them and move on. If a person doesn’t want to put forth the effort to spend time with you, find someone who will.
8. My appearance in ridiculous places. Like Wal-Mart and fast food joints. There are better uses for my time than primping for that kind of outing.
9. Ice cream. It doesn’t excite me.
10. Hairstyles. If I want to cut all my hair off to be a pixie, I will. If I grow it out, cool. It’s whatev.
11. People telling me my debt isn’t a big deal. Yes it is. Debt is a big deal. I’m not sorry I live frugally and can’t keep up with your luxury lifestyle… Which you probably can’t afford.
12. Opinions on my career choices. So I decided to join the Air Force to open up opportunities and advance myself. Sorry you don’t agree.
13. St. Louis. I am so over this town. To be honest, I was never that into it. Nuff said. I am ready to move on to bigger, better things.
14. Facebook. Do any of us really like this form of social media anymore? If I didn’t have so many family members using it to keep in touch with me, I would have already rid myself of it.
15. Fast food. Fast food just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Sure, it’s easy when I’m strapped for time, but I prefer sit down food or my own cooking.
16. Sunglasses. I hate the way they feel on the crook of my nose, but I digress. I have a pair of pineapple ones that remind me of Spongebob.
17. Famous people’s lives. Just stop. They’re regular humans who have to poop and pee, just like you. Who cares if they look like crap when they go to grab a bite to eat? (see #8) Leave them alone. You’re feeding the monster.
18. The kind of car I drive. Because guess what? Debt isn’t fun. My current vehicle is paid off and the insurance is like, $10 bucks a month. Thank you very much.
19. Going out on the town. I’ll be honest… I never cared about this. Probably never will.
20. Texting. Just call me. My fingers can’t even…
21. Turning down plans with people I don’t want to spend time with. Life is short. I can’t waste my time like that.
22. Life plans. Sure, I have goals. Plans, not so much. I spent the last 8 years planning my life and none of it worked out, thank the LORD. No more plans. Just goals.
23. Impressing other people. I can’t. I won’t. People who hate you will always hate you no matter how awesome or impressive your life is. Impress God. Impress yourself. Don’t worry about anyone else.
24. Uncertainty. Life is full of risks. Joining the Air Force was a gutsy move. I don’t care. Being uncertain about big moves like this is better than looking back 10 years from now and wondering where the hell my life went.
25. Shopping for clothes. I hate going to the mall these days, so I just don’t. You might find me in a Kohl’s, JCPenney, or Target, but you can bet I’m there for home goods and maybe a new tank top. That’s my life. Tank tops and home goods. I could not care less.

Not caring about trivial pursuits like the above things gives you freedom that surpasses all understanding. Once you can let go of this kind of stuff, you feel powerful. You can make choices without excessive worry.

Life goes on. It all works out, with or without a five year plan.

What are your thoughts? What do you no longer care about?

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