25 Items to Throw Away Today

25 Items to Throw Away Today

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25 Items to Throw Away Today

Since the beginning of 2015, I have been on a de-cluttering spree. We can all admit to having too much stuff. Random odds and ends that we’ve hoarded away, unable to toss for who knows what reason…

So I started this spree because I thought Mike and I would be moving at the end of May. Less stuff = easier move. I’ve given away clothes, old furniture, etc. Then, we decided not to move because I chose to enlist in the Air Force and we knew we’d have to move again when I was assigned a work location. So the decluttering continues. Even though it could be another 6-9 months before things happen with the military, I want to make things as easy as possible for Mike when movers come to get our stuff.

It’s made me realize how much junk we actually have. So what’s my course of action? I throw it on the ground.

Just kidding. I throw it all away.

I bet you could too! Don’t believe me? Here’s 25 items you could throw away today that I bet you’d never miss.

1. Old make-up– You’re not wearing it anyway. That’s why it’s old.
2. Old lotions– Ditto.
3. Hotel toiletries you stole– Ditto again. No, you’ll never re-use the cute bottles.
4. Out of trend shoes – I’m not talking about your ten-year-old classic black pumps. I’m talking about the boots with the fur. You’re an adult now.
5. Every single mini-skirt. If you’re any age… trash the trashy.
6. Movie cases – What is with the emotional attachment to movie cases? Declutter your life and buy a cd holder.
7. CD cases– Ditto.
8. Old purses and wallets – Trash or donate, I don’t care. You don’t need them.
9. Clothes that no longer fit – Cut them up into rags or toss them. The thrift stores don’t need them and they’ll tell you that when you haul em’ in (unless they’re high-quality or business attire).
10. Grainy, junky pictures– Not the timeless treasures… just the trashy ones.
11. Shoe boxes– I’m bad about this one. If you can’t find a use for the old shoe boxes today, recycle them.
12. Cords/Chargers– You know the ones I’m talking about… The ones you kept from your first Nokia cell phone or HP printer. If they’re taking up space in a drawer and you haven’t used them in more than a year, toss them or give them to your cat.
13. Plastic cups. If you have more than 2 or 3 plastic cups from restaurants and gas stations, please recycle them. They’re taking up valuable space in your cabinets, even when stacked!
14. Unfinished hobbies– You know, that half-finished cross-stich and the half-knitted scarf. The scrapbooking stuff… It’s time to say goodbye. You don’t even LIKE scrapbooking.
15. Old socks and underwear– I admit I am really bad at this. I wear my undies until they fall off my body. Mike has threatened to burn some of them. Throw the holey socks and undies away! Buy new ones!
16. Toothbrush – Every 3-6 months people. Buy a new one.
17. Stinky dish rags and towels– The ones that have that disgusting moldy smell.
18. Tupperware– That isn’t really tupperware. Recycle the Cool Whip and Parkay containers. You don’t need so much junk in your life!
19. Cheap, junky jewelry – You never wear it and it makes your skin break out.
20. Old school stuff– Papers, notes, etc. Just recycle it and move on. I bet 99% of you won’t ever need it again.
21. Kitchen stuff you never use – Like those cheap cookie sheets that have rust spots all over and the cracked mugs.
22. Cards from every occasion – Birthday cards, wedding invites, etc. Are they really that sentimental? A year from now you won’t even remember you threw them away.
23. Old medicine– First, it can be bad for you. Second, it’s taking up space.
24. Food– Do you have old candy from Halloween in your house? What about old, stale chips and who knows what in the back of the fridge. Yuck. Get rid of it.
25. Knick knacks & trinkets – The #1 reason you hate dusting. Throw them away. Declutter your shelves and your life!

What else could you throw away right now?

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