2015 Recap | The Year that Changed Everything

2015 Recap

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2015 Recap

I have to admit, the end of the year is my favorite time. Not only do you have all the best holidays, but it’s that sacred season of starting fresh. You may fail at your New Year’s Resolutions by March, but those three months of trying are so awesome. You can’t truly mirror the feeling of a new year during any other time.

2015 was a real humdinger for me. I haven’t had a year this great in a long time. I’m starting to believe life really does get better with age. Mike and I always laugh about how we seem to become more attractive every year that passes too. Life is good and 2015 was brimming with blessings. God is great. While many say that we make our own ways in this world, I believe God has a hand in it all – nudging us in directions we may not have chosen on our own.

Just to recap what 2015 brought my way, here are the highlights.

Engagement Photo by Colby Moore
All wedding/engagement photos shot by Colby Moore.

I got married.

While Mike and I did put ourselves in some debt when paying for our wedding, we do not regret the decision. Our wedding was beautiful and I will never forget the joy I felt. Being married has been the best blessing of all. Mike and I are best friends and marriage has taken our relationship to an indescribable level. I’ve never felt as secure and safe in my life as I do now.

Marriage by Colby Moore Photography

I enlisted in the United States Air Force.

It’s hard to compare something as life-changing like marriage to the Air Force, but joining the military has been a much bigger change than marriage. It has changed the way I live and interact with the world. It has changed my opinions and thoughts. It has changed my life for the better.

Air Force BMT Graduation

I graduated Basic Military Training.

Believe it or not, this is something I was not sure I would accomplish. The first weeks were the most difficult, and I’ll go more into that in future posts. Succeeding at Basic Training is the first step to success in the military. Once you graduate, you move on to your technical school. Now I must succeed at tech school so I can move on to my permanent duty station.

GM Cars and Trucks

The Jetta was totaled, so Mike got a truck.

Even though totaling a car is never a positive thing, I feel that losing the Jetta was a blessing in disguise. Mike never drove very safe in that little black zipper. The wreck happened the day before we found out we would be moving to Denver, so he decided that maybe a truck would be a better option because not only would he feel safer, but also drive safer. Plus, it would be great in the mountains. Overall, I’m glad the Jetta is gone, even though it was through bad circumstances and we didn’t receive as much money back as we would have liked.

I bought a newish car.

I mentioned in the December Debt Pay-off Report that I was going to have to buy a car. I also noted that we were going to have to go into quite a bit more debt to do so. I’m happy to say that I found the car of my dreams for a price I felt was fair and I know it will last us a long time. We did take out a loan, but I’ll discuss more on that later in a full post on our car-buying experience.

I did a bit of freelancing.

I enjoy freelancing, but I’ve realized I could never do it full-time. I would say my freelancing days are over for now. I enjoy the extra money it brings, but there are too many things I want to focus on in the coming years. Freelancing just doesn’t fit into that plan.


You would think that at age 25, a person would be grown up. And until I started reflecting on everything this year brought, I felt grown up. The truth is, I was not a grown up in 2014. Sure, I’d done a lot of adultish things, like rent an apartment and work full-time, but I had done all that since I was 18.

This past year, I did things I never thought possible. Getting married, buying my first “adult” car, joining the Air Force – it’s all very grown-up. I feel older, wiser, and richer for the experience. I know 2016 will be the same. Mike and I will be going on our first big move together as a couple. New place, new people, new jobs. It’s overwhelming, but very grown up. Talk about spreading your wings and finding your own way!

It’s all good. And 2015 was the year that made it all possible.

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