10 Things I’m Grateful For

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Liz, Mike, Motley | Colby Moore Photography
Photo by Colby Moore Photography

Over the past eight years, my life has changed in ways I never thought possible. I’ve been disappointed, thrilled, fearful for my future, and encouraged through numerous ups and downs. Nothing about my life after high school was typical. I took the hardest roads to get where I am. That’s not to say my life was harder than anyone else’s. It means it could have been a whole heck of a lot easier.

When I look back on it, I admit there are regrets. There are plenty of things I wish I had done differently, but there are a lot of aspects I am grateful for. I created awesome experiences and have beautiful memories. My heart is scarred, but my will is strong.

I have been blessed by God in so many ways, and today, I can say I am content with where I have ended up. No matter where your road began or where it’s taking you now, everyone has something to be grateful for. Everyone has been blessed in their own ways. Even the trials are blessings in disguise. They teach you, strengthen you, and prepare you for future obstacles.

I have been blessed in this life, and I’m so grateful to have all of my needs taken care of. That’s why today, in the heart of new beginnings, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you and reflect on my many blessings.

Liz and Mike | Colby Moore Photography
Photo by Colby Moore Photography

My Fiance

So many people spend their entire lives trying to find someone to connect with and love unconditionally. Before I met Mike, I had given up on relationships in my twenties. I told myself I would not spend my “best years” being heartbroken by men. I had a desire to be single and career-driven. Then my world flipped upside down when a gangly red-headed guy decided he wanted to know me better.

Mike is now my future husband, best friend, and everything in between. Even though I want to scream at him some days, he means the world to me and helps me be a better person. I am blessed to have him in my life.

Family is Forever | Rose Colored Water

My Family

Before Mike, there was and is my family. They have played a huge role in helping me get where I am at today. All things on this list relate or stem from their love. Their encouragement and passion for me doing well in life is why I have gotten as far as I have.

My Job

A good job is still hard to find, especially in the St. Louis area. I am fortunate as a recent college grad to have a job that pays all of my bills and offers me insurance. While I don’t always love working (who does!?), I try to be thankful for my company and the flexibility it offers. My job gives me the ability to live my life the way I want to.

My Home

It may only be an apartment, but it feels like home to me. Mike and I have spent our first year living together in this small space, growing and learning about one another. It may not be the biggest, nicest place on the block, but it’s our home and it keeps us safe and warm.

My Health

This is overstated by everyone, but the older I get, the more in tune with my body I become. I have realized that I can’t miss out on sleep or eat crappy food every day. I have to prioritize exercise and eating right or my body will suffer. I’m thankful that I have a healthy, fit body that can carry me where I need to go.

Friends are Forever | Rose Colored Water

My Friends

I am an introvert, meaning I keep a small group of close friends that I only hang out with sometimes. We know how to give each other space, but we’re there for each other when need be. My friends have given advice, approval, and disapproval of all my life choices. I am so thankful for that, even when I don’t agree with what they have to say. At least they care enough to speak their opinion. I don’t need a huge group of people vying for my time. I am so thankful for my close friends who understand me and encourage me throughout my journey.

My Faith

My faith in God is important to me. It affects every facet of my life. I am not perfect, nor am I a model Christian, but I know who rules and who saved me from damnation. We are so lucky we live in a country where we can worship freely.

Motley Crue | Rose Colored Water

My Dog

Oh, Motley Crue. He is my ultimate best friend. He has been with me through a lot of tears. We saved each other in a desperate time. I wish I could save more big guys like him, but for now, I’m thankful I could at least help him. I am so fortunate to have a good dog like him to keep by my side. Rescuing him was one of the best decisions I ever made.

My Education

My education from high school on paved the way for my success today. Yes, there are things I should have done differently to make my future easier, but I still have great memories and life lessons that have helped me function in today’s society. Education is truly the stepping stone to a better life. I never want to stop learning.

My Country

There are so many reasons why America is the best place ever. I would tell anyone who doesn’t like it here to leave. America offers freedoms that other people can’t begin to dream of. I know that certain people think life is unfair here, but every country has its problems. I am so thankful I can live in a land free of fear of worshiping God, wanting more from a career, and knowing I can speak out against anything I choose. God bless America and everyone it it.

What are you most thankful for in your life? Who or what has helped you pave the way for success?

4 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Grateful For

  1. Such a great post! Sometimes life gets so busy that it’s easy to forget to show gratitude. I am thankful for my faith and my health as well. I’m happy that I don’t have any serious and costly medical conditions weighing me down and that I’m able to work. Finding a great job right after graduating college is another things I’m grateful for. You and your fiance look so cute btw!

    1. Aww! Thank you for the compliments Chonce! I have to keep reminding myself how lucky I am when the days seem too tiresome to handle and the debt seems too big to tackle.

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