My #1 Money Tip: Pay Yourself First

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To start this out, I found my wedding dress yesterday! It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. Everything I tried on in my price range was hideous. I was just beginning to lose hope that we would ever find one that I loved. Finally, the assistant brought in a last-of-its-kind $1300 dress. That was WAY over our budget, but she had talked with the owner and got approved to sell it for half the price! I honestly didn’t think I would like it. I had hated everything before it and the style didn’t seem like something I would want, but you know how it goes. You never truly know until you try it on… and I loved it!

Money Tip Pay Yourself First | Rose Colored Water

But less talk about spending money and more about saving it! As you all know, money is a huge deal for me, as I’m sitting on a hideous amount of student loan debt and some serious credit card debt. That being said, my number one money tip is one you hear quite often.

Pay Yourself First

Mike and I have a joint checking account, but we both have savings accounts that we put 10% of each paycheck into. It’s automated, so it doesn’t feel like we have the extra money and we never seem to miss it. The truth is, if you have enough to pay your bills, buy food, and fill your car up with fuel, that extra money is easy to forget about.

Paying off debt is super important, but what are you going to do if your car breaks down? What will happen if you have an emergency come up and you have to miss several days of work? You should always have an emergency fund set up for those times.

Since it’s so late and I’ve had such a busy weekend, I’m going to leave it at that. There’s a million money tips out there, but I live on the wary side and like to be prepared for the worst. Pay yourself first, people. You won’t regret it!

What’s your top money tip?

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