Rubio’s | a Mexican Seafood Chain

Rubio's is a seafood Mexican chain in the Western US. You must try it if you're a fan of fish tacos. | Rose Colored Water

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I don’t often do reviews, but since moving to the Denver area, I’ve decided to cover some new territory. I discovered Rubio’s while driving around. It’s just a few miles from our apartment, so it caught my eye several times. I was intrigued because they specialize in fish tacos. When we finally did try it, I loved it so much I couldn’t keep it to myself.

Rubio's is a seafood Mexican chain in the Western US. You must try it if you're a fan of fish tacos. | Rose Colored Water
Rubio’s reminds me of a Chipotle or a Fuzzy’s Tacos (if you’ve heard of that one). Upon walking in, you’ll notice the light, airy vibe with industrial design pieces. I believe they qualify as fast food, but not as fast as a place like Taco Bell or McDonalds. There’s no drive through, and after ordering, you can find a seat and wait for your meal to be brought to your table. Notice, I mentioned this is a seafood Mexican chain, meaning they specialize in entrees involving fish. If you’re not into fish and shrimp, you might not be a fan. They have chicken entrees as well, so I wouldn’t rule it out just yet. I love shrimp quesadillas, so I had to jump on board (pun intended).

Mike and I have been three times since we moved to Denver. The portions are a good size and prices are comparable to similar places. I can get the shrimp quesadilla with chips/guacamole/salsa and a full bar of other salsas and sauces for around $11. Add a drink and you’ve upped the price to around $13. My husband and I can eat there for around $20 when we share a drink. He orders the Pacific Mahi Mahi Burrito. I tried it, and it is good! Burritos aren’t really my style though. It doesn’t come with guacamole, but it does include chips and salsa. The chips are dynamite. They’re just basic tortilla chips, but the ingredients in the salsa are so fresh that everything tastes so dang good.

Shrimp Quesadilla and Pacific Mahi Mahi Burrito - Rubio's in Denver, CO
I’ll admit, I love the quesadilla so much that I haven’t tried any other entrees. I’m sure they’re fantastic though! Have a look at the full Rubio’s menu┬áto see if there’s a specialty you might enjoy!

Side Note: Unfortunately, these are only on the west side of country. There may be a few in Florida, but all the others are in Colorado, Utah, California, Nevada, etc. I’m sorry you Midwesterners and East coast dwellers can’t access it. Do look it up if you’re ever in the area though! It’s an awesome option if you’re in town and looking for something quick, but not nasty like McDonald’s or Del Taco.

Do you have any restaurant recommendations for me? I’d love to try more new places!

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