Quarterly Review #2 | 2017 Resolutions

Quarterly Review #2 | Rose Colored Water

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It has been a crazy second quarter. I’ve been a bit MIA the last few weeks, and I may still not post much in the next few weeks. A lot of changes have happened in the past three months. Some are good, some are bad. Overall, I have been making pretty good progress on my goals, and I expect to continue making progress.

I will be applying to schools for nursing in August because I am still pursuing the NECP.

Quarterly Review #2 | Rose Colored Water

1. Pay off the cars.

As of right now, we owe about $7,300 on the truck and $15,800 on the Terrain. For a detailed look at our finances this quarter, check out my second quarter debt pay-off report. I am confident that the truck portion of our credit card will be paid off by Christmas.

2. Buy a house.

See how we were burned by the Colorado housing market. NO HOUSE. We now live in a lovely little apartment in Westminster.

3. Finish my CCAF.

I am so close on this. I took the Principles of Supervision DSST (like a CLEP) and passed, so I am only one management class/DSST away from completing my CCAF. My goal is to finish this before the end of the year, since I didn’t complete it before BTZ. By the way, I did not win Senior Airman Below-the-Zone. It was a close call, but a good friend of mine beat me, so I am not upset about it.

4. Earn A’s in my nursing pre-reqs.

YES! So far, I have earned all A’s in my nursing pre-reqs. I will begin Microbiology in late August. If I can earn an A in that, I will be set for nursing school. I am very excited about my chances of getting into my top schools. More on that later.

5. Complete my 2017 reading list.

I have slowed down tremendously this summer on reading. In June, I did not read a single thing. This has mostly been because I have spent a lot of my time writing psychology essays and focusing on work and home-related tasks. There has been a lot going on in the last couple of months, so reading has not been a priority.

6. Be smarter with my time.

While not as successful as the first quarter, I am still using my time in better ways. I have been heavily focused on school and work, so I haven’t had as much free time. Overall though, my time management skills have improved.

7. Take one big vacation with Mike.

In my last report, I talked about wanting to go to Puerto Rico. After reevaluating our debt situation, I decided that wasn’t such a great idea yet, and instead, we took a trip through New Mexico. This was a super cheap trip and we saw a ton of sights. Check out one of the posts I wrote about Roswell and our trip through the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

8. Purge more junk.

I have thrown away nearly everything I can. At this point, there is nothing more I can throw away unless I am replacing it with something new and fresh. I think by the end of the year, I will be ready to trash more items, but for now, I am purged out.

9. Get a 90 on my PT test.

This happens in October. No updates until then.

10. Spend more time outdoors.

I have been working on my patio area so I can spend more time outside when the weather cools down, but I’ve still been walking Motley several times a day and hanging out at the park more often. I have gone to the community pool a couple of times this summer too!

I’m sorry this update took so long to happen, but as I’ve mentioned, it has been super crazy here. I’m sure my next update will surprise you all.

6 thoughts on “Quarterly Review #2 | 2017 Resolutions

  1. I really hate that you got burned by the housing market, but it still seems like you’re crushing most of your goals, and you should be proud of that! Congrats on another good quarter!

    1. Thanks Chonce! I do think it’s a blessing that we didn’t get the house. I have no regrets about it today, so I am sure it was for the best! I have big plans for the rest of this year, so I am excited to see what I can accomplish!

  2. Good to see an update. Lame about the housing in CO and at least you were able to take a vacay with your hubby. NM is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Claudia! New Mexico was amazing! Housing in Colorado sucks, but not getting the house was a blessing, for sure!

  3. I loved reading your reflections on the year so far. I’m sorry about the house, but I’m glad you turned the experience into something positive! We are renters, too, and we’ve made peace with it.

    I really resonate with the purging. Even with two small kids, we have given away pretty much everything we can. We have big plans about traveling all around Europe with the girls for at least a year, so I’m (trying) not getting attached to anything materialistic.

    Looking forward to see you pay off your truck debt by the end of the year!

    1. Thanks Nora! It was a learning experience, but one that I am okay with. There are worse things to deal with than not having a house. That’s awesome that you’re getting to travel, especially when you have two little ones. Thank you for the encouragement, and I look forward to reading more about your travels and recipes!

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