Currently… It’s Been Awhile.

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Hello everyone! Long time no write! Well… I know it feels like I’ve been here, but we all know I haven’t, and I’m somewhat still away. I’m using the WordPress app on my phone to write this to you. Diligence, I know. I just wanted to give everyone a real time update on what’s been happening and where things are headed.

Currently… I’m in Mississippi at tech school. I graduated BMT, scoring a 95% on my PT test and a 93% on the EOC. I’m proud to say I passed BMT with flying colors. My AFSC ended up being Client Systems. As you all know, I really wanted Biomedical Equipment, but that wasn’t an option available to me when we chose jobs. However, I am super happy about Client Systems and excited to start learning the ins and outs of computers. I’ll go more into all things BMT/Air Force related when I get my computer back. More on that bit later.

Yesterday… I spent Thanksgiving with my fellow airmen and it was surprisingly perfect. Of course, I missed my husband and family, but this was the best Thanksgiving I’ve spent away from my family so far.

This morning… I spent the day shopping at the main exchange for some necessary items. It’s about 75 degrees with a coastal breeze, so the weather is gorgeous. Gotta love that sea salt air.

And of course, I got to see this guy. Traditions matter.

Listening to… a compilation of New Music Friday’s from Spotify made by my good friend Sarah. I requested she do this for me so I didn’t miss any new tunes that dropped while separated from the world in BMT.

Chilling… in my bed catching up on much needed rest. I kinda forgot what it felt like.

So that’s what is happening here. I have a few more posts scheduled out for December, but you’ll see new, updated posts starting in late December. I was not able to bring my laptop to tech school from BMT due to stipulations by the higher ups, but because my Christmas Exodus begins fairly soon, I figure I can survive until then without it.

There’s a lot going on in my life right now. Some are things I want to discuss; some are things I’d rather not. Still, I’m super stoked to share my next debt pay-off report because it has some pretty big changes. Some are good. Some are bad. So definitely stay tuned for that.

That being said, have a great holiday season this year. It doesn’t quite feel like the holidays to me since I’m in a warm climate and not with family, but I’m blessed with this life and I’m embracing the good.

Talk to you all again soon! I can’t wait to start blogging regularly again. I’ve missed this feeling.

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