Why We Chose Cupcakes Over Wedding Cake

Why we chose cupcakes over wedding cake

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Why we chose cupcakes over wedding cake

You wouldn’t think cake would cause such an uproar at a wedding, but by golly, it is a big deal. Be warned now! If you choose cupcakes over a traditional tiered wedding cake, you will be questioned–possibly even scolded for your choice.

For some reason, having cupcakes at a wedding is sacrilegious. Now that it’s all said and done, I feel the need to list my reasons for choosing this unconventional cake choice for my wedding and defend it against the masses. Plus, it ended up working out perfectly, and my venue boxed up leftover cupcakes to give to guests as they went home.

I think cupcakes are a new, hip, younger generation idea. The only guests who seemed upset by the idea were older people. Yet as I’ve said time and time again, it’s not their wedding and they aren’t paying for it, so I did what I wanted.

Cupcakes are cheaper.

This is the number one reason we chose cupcakes over a traditional wedding cake. I learned that wedding cakes are charged by the slice, and each slice is around $2.50. Cupcakes, however, are charged by how many you have, and only cost about $1 a piece. Can you see the massive price difference there? We saved hundreds of dollars just by choosing a different style of cake.

Wedding Cupcakes are Cheaper | Rose Colored Water

Cupcakes offer more variety.

I love ALL THE CAKES, so why would I want one ginormous boring wedding cake flavor? Why not have 7 flavors full of yumminess. Your guests get to choose their favorites and you get to try them all. We had carrot cake, white, chocolate, strawberry with cream cheese filling, lemon, and red velvet cupcakes, and we could have had more than that! That’s what I call a true celebration!

Cupcakes don’t require a cake-cutting fee.

Another way cupcakes save money is they omit the cost of a cake-cutter. Even though cake-cutting was included in the price of our all-inclusive venue, some reception halls charge for cake-cutting services. There’s none of that bull crap involved with cupcakes. Guests grab a cupcake and go. No time, effort, or clean-up needed.

Cupcakes are easier clean-up.

There were a lot of kids at our wedding. Thank the Lord for cupcakes. Kids are much better about cupcakes than typical slices of cake. It was much easier to clean-up around the kiddos throughout the wedding.

If you’re considering cupcakes, just do it. You’ll save money and people will end up loving them, despite their desire for tradition. They’re fun, cheap, and just as yummy as plain ole’ wedding cake!

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