How to Make Peppermint Bath Salts

There’s a lot of awesome diy’s and crafts floating around the internet, but I have to say that my new favorite is bath soaking salts! Did you know you can make your own bath salts for just a smidgen of the cost you would pay at the store?

Making your own bath salts is fast, easy, and fun! Not to mention, you know exactly what’s being used to make them smell and look a certain way! Today, I’m going to show you how to make your own peppermint bath salts. I found this recipe by the Frugal Girls. I didn’t follow their recipe directly, but I improvised and the salts turned out wonderful!

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Bath Salt Recipe

How to Make Peppermint Bath Salts

1 c. Epsom Salt
1 tsp. baking soda
4 drops peppermint oil
6 drops red food coloring

All you have to do is mix the Epsom salt and baking soda, and then squeeze the drops in. Stir it all around and voila! You’ll want to use separate bowls for the separate colors.

I played it by ear and made the recipe huge because I had several little mason jars to fill for friends and family. I made sure to test the salts before hand. The red salts will not dye your skin in the tub, and if you find that your red salt doesn’t have a deep enough hue, just add more coloring.

Also, I bought my peppermint oil at Hobby Lobby. I think it was like $4. They had several other common oils too, if you care to try them. I’m sure lavender or lemon would be lovely.

I also wrapped mine up in tissue paper (it’s New Year’s Day themed that I had left over), and I’ll be gifting these to my co-workers tomorrow. I’m very excited!

That’s all there is! It’s simple, easy, and cheap. You have limitless possibilities when creating bath salts. From the scent to the colors used, you can make any number of combinations.

How to Make Peppermint Bath Salts | Rose Colored Water